• MS Defib E-Heart Monitor

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    ✓ The lightest! Weighs only 8.82 lbs / 4kg
    ✓ With the innovative flip down display
        ∙ Multiple angles (offers a greater comfort and safety wherever the patient is)
    ✓ Easy access to connectors
    ✓ High Resolution Color LCD
    ✓ 7.2″ flip down display

  • MS Defib Mach DFM100 Basic Only

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    Improving cost-of-ownership

    The Efficia DFM100 helps you deliver care at an affordable price with the quality and reliability proven in over 1 million Philips defibrillators sold worldwide. Device configurations range from a basic defibrillator to a fully-featured defibrillator/monitor with optional AED mode, pacing, and monitoring parameters. To help minimize the time and cost of staff training, we have designed the Efficia DFM100 with the same user interface across hospital and EMS versions.

    Unique advantages

    The Efficia DFM100 defibrillator/monitor is designed to help you meet the demands of patient care in the pre-hospital and hospital environment. With field-proven Philips technology, the Efficia DFM100 offers core functionality with a scalable feature set and improved cost of ownership, allowing you to enhance patient care, wherever the patient is located.

    A complete package

    To deliver high levels of care, you need to make quick, informed decisions – at the scene of an emergency and across the entire course of treatment. You need your equipment to be easy to use as you care for a patient, monitor developments in the patient’s condition during transport to the hospital, and as you care for your patient in the hospital.

  • MS Defib Mach Philips HS1 AED

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    LEAD THE WAY TO SAVE A LIFE | Philips HeartStart OnSite Defibrillator

    Designed for the ordinary person in the extraordinary moment, OnSite is ready to act and ready to go. It allows virtually anyone to treat the most common cause of sudden cardiac arrest (SCA) by delivering a shock quickly and effectively, wherever SCA happens.

    Guides you through every step
    Just pull the green handle to activate your OnSite defibrillator and voice instructions will guide you through the entire process – from placing each pad on the patient to performing cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) and delivering a defibrillation shock.1 It even guides you on the frequency and depth of chest compressions, as well as breaths.

    Use OnSite to train
    Learning to use the OnSite is easy. You can install a special pads cartridge that temporarily turns your OnSite defibrillator into a trainer. Also available are a collection of videos that describe every aspect of the defibrillator.

    Virtually ready to use out of the box
    With OnSite’s Ready-Pack configuration arrives virtually ready to rescue.
    ∙ Arrives with the SMART Pads cartridge and battery already installed
    ∙ Is positioned inside the carry case with a spare SMART Pads cartridge in place
    ∙ Just pull the green tab to launch the initial self-test
    ∙ Conducts a series of automatic self-tests daily, weekly, and monthly, including testing the pads

  • MS Defib-Aed Defibstart External Automated

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    ✓ ECG Tracing in LCD display
    ✓ Messages and command through text and voice
    ✓ Rechargeable lithium battery
        ∙ If there is no charge in the internal battery, the AED is recharged and it runs connected to the     external battery 12 VDC mobile ICU
    ✓ Set of disposable pads (self-adhesive, disposable, available in adult, pediatric and neonatal size)
    ✓ Weighs 1.9 kg / 4.2 lbs

  • MS Defib-Cardiostart Biphasic Defibrillator

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    ✓ Perfect match for trolley and MICU'S
    ✓ Shock resistant and anti-flame
    ✓ High Resolution Color LCD
    ✓ Weighs 9.48 lbs / 4.3 kg

  • MS Emergency Cart (M177) ALS-MT116

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    ABS Emergency Medical Trolley

    Size: 700 x 490 x 920mm (L*W*H)
    Net Weight: 46kg

    1. ABS Trolley Body
    2. Plastic-steel Columns
    3. IV Pole
    4. Dust Basket
    5. Utility Container
    6. File Bag
    7. Defibrillator shelf, power outlet & hooks
    8. Sliding Side Shelf
    9. Stainless Steel Guard Rail
    10. Concave Top Covered Transparent Soft Plastic Bags
    11. Centralized Lock
    12. Two (2) Small and Three (3) Big Drawer
    13. Inner with Partitions Can Be Wel Organized
    14. Drawers Repositioned Easily
    15. Luxurios Noiseless Castersinner with Partitions Can Be Well Organized
    16. ABS Basket and Drawer Frame Can Be Repositioned Easily
    17. Luxurios Whish Caster, Two with Brakes
    18. CPR Board (optional)
    19. Oxygen Tank Holder (optional)
    20. Needle Disposal Bottle (optional)
  • MS Emergency Cart Detecto RC366-L W/ Drawer Divider

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    ✓ Soft-close drawers glide shut for superior convenience
    ✓ Keyed or EMG breakaway central lock secures all drawers at the same time
    ✓ Push handle with userfriendly design
    ✓ Whisper-quiet rolling convenience
    ✓ Hygienic wipe-down drawer design that is completely sealed with no exposed seams
    ✓ ABS countertop surface is easy to clean
    ✓ Balanced design will not topple over
    ✓ Quality aluminum cart body construction
    ✓ ABS bumpers on each of the 4 corners
    ✓ Drawer Dimensions: 22 in W x 16 in D / 55.9 cm W x 40.6 cm D
    ✓ Cart Dimensions: 27.8 in W x 23.0 in D x 42.3 in H (without guide handle) / 70.6 cm W x 58.4 cm D x 107.4 cm H (without guide handle)

  • MS Emergency Cart F-46-S2 HB

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    Size: L695*W567*H1010mm

    Standard Configurations:

    • ABS Drawers (5)
    • Siding shelf
    • Central locking system (1)
    • Dia.125 twin wheels with brakes (4)
    • Anti-Bumper (4)

    Standard Accessories:

    • Waste Bin (2)
    • Needle disposal container holder (1)
    • Needle disposal container (1)
    • Defibrillator shelf
    • CPR board (1)
    • Disinfectant holder (1)
    • I.V pole (1)
    • Oxygen tank holder
    • Power strip
    • Power strip holder
  • MS Stretcher E-3 with IV Pole & 8cm Lthrttec Cover with Strap

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    E-3 Luxurious Stretcher

    Size: L1960 x W660 x H580-870mm

    • Both of the platforms and side rails are made of ABS material shaped once for all
    • Backrest is controlled by hydraulic auxilialy spring
    • Height adjustment is operated by crank
    • Φ150mm castors with central locking system
    • To be equipped with steering castor
  • MS Stretcher Hydraulic With IV Pole & Mattress E8 CH

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    E-8 Luxurious Hydraulic Stretcher

    Size: 2045(L) x 790(W) x 605(H)~920mm

    • The main platform of the stretcher which is equipped with imported double rise-and-fall hydraulic pump systems with is made of X-ray revealed material.
    • Central locking system and the steering castor make the stretcher move steadily, reliably, and lightly.
    • The stretcher has the function of hi-low, Trendelenburg, and reverse-Trendelenburg which are controlled by the pedals at the two sides of the stretcher.
    • The rear of the stretcher has the central locking pedals, the bottom cover is made of ABS material and shaped once for all which can be easily cleaned.
    • The stretcher is equipped with infusion poles, drainage hooks, and collapsable aluminum alloy side rails.
    • It is the best choice for the emergency room and ICU ward for transferring patients.
  • MS Stretcher Hydraulic YKJ008-1

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    • The foot pedals; back rest lifting angle adjusted by gas spring system. Control the gas spring system at the foot side to operate the trendelenburg & rev trendelenburg function
    • Bright arrow symbols direct the user how to operate clearly; With corner bumper to avoid damage in case of knocking the wall
    • Central-lock castors, diameter 200mm. Brake pedal at the head & foot side of the stretcher, supply convenient operation for user
    • Dimension:
      • Overall Dimension: 2120*815mm(L*W)
      • Height Adjustment (Bed board to ground): 900-580mm
      • Size of Bed Board: 1910*640mm(L*W)
      • Back-rest Lifting Angle: 0-70o ±5o
      • Trendelenburg & Rev.Trendelenburg Angle: 0-12o
    • Collapsible stainless steel protective railing, Bed board for X-ray examination
    • Net Weight: 100kg
    • Standard Accessory: I.V. Pole Previsions
  • MS Stretcher-Emergency ALS-ST004 (M177)

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    ✓ The cart frame is made of quality aluminum alloy. Cart surface and side rails are shaped by once injection molding of imported PP engineering plastics.

    ✓ The international advanced centrally controlled brake system is applied to the cart and therefore stable and reliable. The cart surface is separate from the backrest section supported by the imported pneumatic spring. Thus, the cart is operated easily and simply.

  • MS Stretcher-Hydraulic W/ Trendelenburg

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    ✓ Chest X-ray Platform
    ✓ Stainless Collapsible Siderails with Safety Lock
    ✓ Foot Pedals (on Both Sides) for Hydraulic Hi-Low and Trend Controls at Any Height
    ✓ Backrest Position Handle (Gas-Spring 0~90 degrees)
    ✓ Two-Step Foot Position Lever (Up to 15 degrees)
    ✓ Crank Operation for Knee Position at Foot-End
    ✓ Central Braking and Steering System
    ✓ 8-inch Central Brake Casters with Dust-Proof Cover
    ✓ ABS Bottom Cover with Storage Bin
    ✓ Four ABS Corner Bumper
    ✓ Six Drainage Bag Hooks
    ✓ Ten Restraint Strap Holders
    ✓ Seat Position
    ✓ Retractable Fifth-Wheel Steering (Optional)
    ✓ Trend & Rev. Trend Function

  • MS Stretcher-Patient Transfer 31209

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    Safe, Comfortable, Hygienic Upholstery
    Manufactured in line with medical devices directive using high quality, antibacterial, antifungal, and fire retardant vynil, without edge stitches.
    Improved Mobility
    Equipped with center wheels to ease traction and manuver.