• MS Baby Bassinet W/ Acrylic S.S FS5601S

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    ✓ Bassinet stand with acrylic glass basket
    ✓ Bassinet stand dimension: 83 x 46 x 64.5cm
    ✓ Frame leg and support stainless steel
    ✓ Shelf-stainless steel
    ✓ Mattress of the bassinet is ordinary foam with cloth cover
    ✓ With four lockable caster wheels at 4 inches in size
    ✓ Basket dimension: (H) 22cm x (L) 75.5cm x (W) 40cm

  • MS Baby Bassinet W/ Trendelenburg Position SS 33611

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    Space Saving
    The stackable frame design will optimize storage space.
    Trouble-Free Design
    The finest material combined with the latest manufacturing techniques that provide trouble-free product.
  • MS Pedia Crib With IV Pole 33605B

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    Combined between steel pipes (Ø31.8mm, Ø25.4mm, Ø16mm and rectangular size 40x20mm), assembled with MIG/MAG welding process.
    Mattress Platform
    Made of steel sheet with phosphate coating (thickness 1.1mm), perforated with emboss style and equipped with mattress stopper at sides which made of steel rod Ø8 mm.
    Head Panel and Foot Panel
    Made of steel pipes (Ø31.8mm, Ø25.4mm & Ø16mm), assembled with MIG/MAG welding process.
    Safety Side Guard
    Sliding type and made of steel pipes (Ø25.4mm & Ø16 mm), assembled with MIG/MAG welding process.
    Flat (Without Back Raise)
    I.V. Pole
    Made of stainless steel pipes (Ø16mm and Ø19 mm) and adjustable height with locking screw, can be located in four different position.
    Four 5” swivel castor (two with brakes & swivel locks)
    Epoxy powder coating finish
    Max. Load
    120 Kg.
    Net Weight (approx.)
    53 Kg.
    Dimension (approx.)
    Overall: (L)1770 x (W)835 x (H)1390mm.
    On mattress platform: (L)1700 x (W)700 x (H)690mm.