• MS Ultraviolet Germicidal Lamp

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    • During use, humans or animals are not allowed to stay at the scene for more than 30 mins.
    • After disinfection, open the door and window for 10-15 mins. If using a sterillization lamp with ozone, wait 10 mins after use, and then open the door for 20 mins before entering.
    • It is recommended to protect the calligraphy and painting, valuable collectibles, and items of important commemorative significance to prevent the discoloration caused by excessive ultraviolet rays.

    Product Benefits

    It is non-toxic. Unlike harsh chemicals that are sometimes used in cleaning and sanitization products, UV germicidal lamps are environmentally friendly. UV Germicidal LED is safe for food and non-food items while killing a wide array of harmful organisms. Its lights are several times brighter than its predecessor without the need to consume as much energy.