• MS Bed-Manual Metal Board Type FS3020WG

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    ✓ Three adjustment metal net board
    ✓ Detachable ABS head & end bed boards
    ✓ Aluminum folding guardrails
    ✓ Powder-coated steel body
    ✓ Pedal lacking castors
    ✓ Double handle knobs

  • MS Chart Holder Mobile SS YKK018

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    • Stainless steel material
    • Can hold up to 40 records
    • With 2 top drawers
    • With central lock
    • Noiseless casters with brake
    • Dimension: 630mm L x 360mm W x 820mm H
  • MS IV Stand A (4 Hooks) Stainless Steel

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    Configuration on casters
    Number of hooks 4-hook
    Other characteristics stainless steel


    • Stainless steel round tube and base
    • Height can be adjusted from 135cm to 240cm
    • Top with 4 chrome hooks, S.S.base with castors (Dia.50mm)
  • MS Kick About Bucket with Pail SS HEMC

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    Mild steel tubular pipe frame-work mounted on 75mm diameter castor wheels. Supplied with a stainless steel bucket. Finished in pre-treated epoxy powder coating.

  • MS Mattress Domus 1:2.5″ Bubble Pad

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    Domus 1 is ideal for prevention and treatment of patients at low risk of pressure ulcers.

    This lightweight and compact alternating pressure pad is composed of 2.5”-high bubble cells, and it is used as an alternative to heavier products such as gel overlay mattresses.

    The system is great for short term usage and easy to install. With a pressure adjustable pump and extension flaps on top and bottom sides of the bubble pad to prevent the pad from sliding, Domus 1 is designed to be a
    great transition mattress for homecare.

  • MS Mattress Domus 2:4″ Tube Without Cover

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    Domus 2 is a valuable overlay system designed for prevention and treatment of patients at low to medium risk of pressure ulcers. By having a series of individual cells inflate and deflate alternatively over a ten-minute cycle, the pressure is periodically redistributed by inflating and deflating cells in order to mimic natural sleep movement patterns and avoid long-term pressurization of tissue.

    ✓ Flame resistance
    ✓ Vapour Permeable
    ✓ Water Resistance
    ✓ Biocompatibility

  • MS Mattress Domus 3:4″ Tube Slver Ion Cover

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    Features / Benefits

    ✓ Minimal operating and ambient noise
    ✓ Static function for nursing procedures
    ✓ Easily accessible single tag CPR facility
    ✓ Low-pressure detection for patient safety
    ✓ Easy to use adjustment settings

    The Domus 3 is an effective alternative overlay/replacement system combined with static therapy mode. By having a series of individual cells inflate and deflate alternatively over about ten-minute cycle, patients, receive their adequate pressure relief. The system can be switched to a static therapy mode to reduce the pressure at the interface by means of immersion. It will also be easier to facilitate all kinds of nursing procedures including dressing changes and patient repositioning in static mode. An optional silver-ion Nylon/PU cover is also available to increase the antimicrobial effect. With clear weight indicator reference dial adjustment, Domus 3 is easy to use and is recommended for patients at medium risk to high risk of pressure ulcers.

  • MS Mattress PM-100A

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    ✓ Treatment of pressure sore stage 1 prevention with maximum weight capacity of 100 kg
    ✓ Control know: Adjust comfort range (8 levels)
    ✓ Equipped with bubble pad

  • MS Mattress PM-100B

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    ✓ Therapy for Stage I to Stage II pressure ulcers
    ✓ Maximum weight capacity: 140 kg
    ✓ Visual low-pressure alarm alerts caregiver to low pressure
    ✓ Quick Connector is easy-to-use and snaplock design
    ✓ Vapour permeable, water-resistant cover
    ✓ Ventilated bladders provide ventilation in the thoracic/sacral region, reducing skin maceration
    ✓ High-grade medical PVC retards bacterial growth
    ✓ Equipped with interchangeable 5” tube-type mattress

  • MS Medicinal Cabinet With Wheels YKM001-1

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    • Stainless steel sheet with two (2) sides and back, one glass door framed with stainless steel sheet and with lock
    • Three (3) sides glass shelves (adjustable)
    • Base compartment with two (2) stainless steel doors, one shelf with lock mounted on heavy duty rubber casters with lock
    • Size: 40cm (L) x 78cm (W) x 160cm (H)
  • MS Medicine Trolley F45-2II

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    Size: 820 (L) × 505 (W) × 980 (H)mm

    Main Feature:
    1. Aluminium alloy column with ABS engineering plastic construction
    2. Base with dia. 125mm castors, each with brakes
    3. Five drawers (2 small sizes, 2 middle sizes, and 1 big size) with central locking system; Inner with medicine divider
    4. With related accessories as bellow:

    • IV rod
    • two waste bins
    • file cassette
    • Sliding side shelf
    • ABS cardiac boards
    • power outlet & hooks
  • MS Overbed Table W/ Gas Spring FS562

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    ✓ Adjustable height
    ✓ Wooden type
    ✓ Pedal locking gastor
    ✓ Size: 76 – 120cm (Height); 76cm (Length)