• MS Infusion Pump Epump500D

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    ✓ High-definition large LCD screen, convenient to watch various data
    ✓ One button for multiple functions setting, simple and efficient operation
    ✓ Compact shape, solid design, lightweight
    ✓ TRD intelligent mode
    ✓ Open piping identification system
    ✓ Support remote data transmission system
    ✓ External heating module
    ✓ Localization power management

  • MS Infusion Pump With Drip Sensor IP7700

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    The IP-7700 is intended for the infusion of chemicals such as anti-cancer drugs, oxytonic, nutrition, and drug for chemotherapy medication. This device is designed for high flow-rate accuracy and ease of handle in the infusion of solutions with the equipped peristaltic finger system and the use of a drop sensor control.

    Infusion principle Linear Peristaltic Finger
    Alarms (Audio & Visual) Air in line, Occlusion, Flow Error (Free Flow), Standby,
    K.V.O. (infusion Completion), Door open, Low battery, Device malfunction
    Special function Keypad lock, Retain memory, Remaining time, Alram repeat, Open system,
    K.V.O., Purge, Bolus, Occ. Level, History call-back, Dosage mode (option),
    Nurse call (Option), Profile (Option), Central system (Option)
    Weight Approximately 3.5KG (without rechargeable battery 3KG)
    Dimension 100 x 190 x 250 (mm)
  • MS Needle Destroyer ABS Body

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    ✓ A useful devices for destroying used hypodermic needles electrically after use thereby preventing the needle from being used again.
    ✓ The destroyed needles collect in a sliding tray and can be emptied from time to time.
    ✓ This is made from an ABS Plastic Body.
    ✓ Operates in 220V/50Hz, A.C. supply

  • MS Syringe Pump HP-30 MedCaptain

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    • Dimension: 258 x 75 x 152 mm (WxHxD)
    • Weight: 1.7kg including battery
    • Screen: 3.0inch LCD touchscreen, brightness 10 level adjustable, 7 colors selectable
    • Classification: Type CF, Classic I, IP23
    • Compatible Syringe Set: All syringes of 2ml, 3ml, 5ml, 10ml, 20/30ml, 50/60ml conform to the standard
    Special Functions
    • Recent therapy: 20 recent therapies are recorded and can be used for rapid infusion
    • Rate change during infusion: Infusion rate can be changed anytime during infusion, not necessary to stop infusion before change
    • Relay Function: Continuous infusion among any pump within docking station at any mode to guarantee non-stop therapies for sensitive drugs
    • Auto screen lock: “OFF” and “ON” 15s, 30s, 1min, 2min, 5min, 10min, 30min selectable when “ON”.”OFF” by default
    • Drug library: More than 1500 drugs available with soft and hard limit editable (DERS), up to 5000 drugs can be built in
    • Repeat alarming: Alarm sounds again in 2 minutes, if there is still alarm after alarm is mute
    • Event recording: Maximum 2000 events can be stored and play back
    • Sound volume: 5 levels selectable
    • Power supply switching: When AC/DC power supply is cut off, the infusion automatically switch to internal battery supply
  • MS Syringe Pump MP-30 MedCap

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    Touch the future with infusion revolution

    Smart and easy to use | Safe and accurate infusion | Information network

    Smart and simple to use

    • Over 10 patents
    • Innovative touch operation, quick response to various settings
    • Multiple background colors are available for selection
    • Plug-in and modular design: 3 to 15 pumps can be combined optionally to meet various clinical needs
    • Multiple infusion modes

    Safe and accurate syringe

    • Dose Error Reduction System
    • Double CPU design, two-way independent sound-light alarm
    • Unique operation panel door: facilitating operation and observation of liquid medicine infusion situation
  • MS Syringe Pump SP8800

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    SP-8800 provides easy syringe installing through the one-touch method by slider hook, simple and easy setup process with its numerical silicon keypad. Color LCD displays infusion information dramatically shortcut key manages easy approach for frequent functions K.V.O. rate, purge rate, bolus, and anti-bolus can be set up as an operating application. Supplied with battery.

    ✓ Flexible flow volume setting
    ✓ Full program dosage features (optional): it automatically calculates flow rate by patient's weight, injection's mass and melting
    ✓ Keep Vein Open (K.V.O) feature: When reached to the preset value, it converts to low flow speed of 0.1ml/h automatically to prevent flow route clog due to blood coagulation
    ✓ Standard, compatibility with 5 major brands of syringes: Syringe brand setting feature enables you 5 choose, from following syringe brands: BD, TERUMO, PENTAFERTE, RAYS, KOVA. Each pump can be calibrated for up to 9 different syringes. Alarm and notification feature: It notifies errors and emergencies with LED light and buzzer. Simultaneous visual and audio alarm. Occlusion error range setting: You can set the pressure level of occlusion stage to High, Medium and Low by patient's age condition. Suitable also for VET use.

    ✓ IV clamp included
    ✓ Colour display
    ✓ Automatic set-up system (flow rate, time, delivery volume)
    ✓ Easy and quick installation of syringe, just in 5 seconds.

  • MS Syringe Pump SYS-50 MedCaptain

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    Effective safety alarm

    Automatic elimination of mechanical clearance

    Easy to use

    3.5inch touch-screen

    Open design, easy to replace the tubing line


    WiFi connectivity

    24hrs monitoring of electric circuit

    Online non-stop speed change