• MS Infrared Lamp IR 300 H:43″-63″

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    The IR300 Infrared Heat Lamp has adjustable heat with ideal heat penetration to assists in pain relief.

    Infrared heat lamps are meant to serve as a natural pain relief aid by focusing soothing, penetrating infrared heat to the injured area. The radiant heat cutoff can extend bulb life three times over similar machines. The remote control allows you to use it at a distance without having to adjust and move in order to control the lamp. The neck can adjust horizontally and vertically to let you target any part of your body.

    The control panel has been redesigned so fuses can be replaced without opening the control box.

    Features and Specifications

    ∙ Voltage: 110V
    ∙ Frequency: 60Hz
    ∙ Power Consumption: 250W
    ∙ Usage: 2 – 30 minutes
    ∙ Adjustable heat
    ∙ Adjust from 43″ high to 63″ high
    ∙ Weighs 11 pounds
    ∙ Timer is totally silent
    ∙ Made in Korea

  • MS Infrared Lamp IR 300A H:22-31″

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    The Infralux 300A infrared heat lamp has adjustable heat control, a quiet timer and a remote control for ease of use.

    The Infralux 300A is great for infrared light therapy and pain relief and is perfect for clinics, homes, acupuncturists, chiropractors and more. The bulb lasts up to three times longer than similar units thanks to the insulating system and the adjustable heat and neck allow for a variety of applications. Far infrared rays penetrate deep at warm but pleasant temperature. The remote control means you don't have to move to control the lamp.

    Features and Specifications

    ∙ Voltage: 110V
    ∙ Frequency: 60Hz
    ∙ Wattage: 250W
    ∙ Duration: Maximum of 30 minutes per session (2 to 30 min)
    ∙ Variable heat adjustment
    ∙ Height (lowest): 22″ (540mm)
    ∙ Height (highest): 31″ (785mm)
    ∙ Weight: 6.6lbs (3kg)
    ∙ Made in Korea

  • MS Vein Searcher

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    ∙ Designed for adults and children
    ∙ Two LED colors optimized for vein imaging
    ∙ 24 LED lights (12 orange and 12 reds)
      Orange LEDs for superficial veins
      Red LEDs for deep veins, dark skin
    ∙ Includes disposable plastic cover, a snap-on pediatric adapter and a snap-on light shield attachment
    ∙ Rechargeable battery

  • MS Vein Viewer BM1000 (M182)

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    Portable Dual-Head Vein Locator Viewing BM1000 for Medical Illuminated Color

    Thie venipuncture system is designed for venipuncture. It can be used widely in hospital, pediatric clinic, emergency room, outpatient clinic/center, clinical laboratory, blood bank/center, military medics unit, the CDC, rehabilitation center, nursing homes and others.

    BM1000 is a newly designed device with a flexible screen and better penetration. It's suitable for locating the veins on dorsal hand, arm, elbow, foot, and head. We adopt the simplest structure to reduce the cost. It's also the most economical model in the market.