• MS E-light Crys CR0704 Operation Light Skylux

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    A standard model with a lightweight and thin design equipped with a medical LED.

    Achieves accurate visibility and distinctiveness with ultra-high color rendering LEDs
    Uses ultra-high color rendering medical LEDs that show a high index of 99 for both the R9 value, which indicates the red color rendering index (Ri), which includes colors close to the human body and the R15 value, which indicates the skin color of Japanese people. .. It enhances the visibility and distinctiveness of the colors of blood, organs, and body tissues in the surgical field, and supports highly accurate operations.

    Blue light Light that is easy on the eyes with low risk
    Blue light is a factor that tires the eyes of doctors who keep looking at the surgical site under extraordinary high illumination. Medical LEDs reduce the risk of blue light and realize a spectral spectrum that is less burdensome to the eyes.

    Light with less “glare” that makes the surgical site easy to see and enhances the efficiency of surgery
    The unique optical design suppresses “glare” when irradiating the surgical site. It greatly reduces the eye fatigue and discomfort of doctors who have to keep looking at the surgical site for a long time during surgery.

    Lightweight and thin design that enhances usability
    In addition to the lightweight and thin lamp body, the arms and grips are sized to fit the body shape of Asians and can be operated smoothly and lightly. In 2011, received the Good Design Award “Gold Award”.