• GE C-Arm Brivo Essential

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    OEC Brivo Essential
    Your essential partner in surgery.

    For more than three decades, OEC has been committed to delivering high-quality, innovative advances in the mobile surgical imaging field, supporting successful surgeries throughout the world with easy-to-use technology. The affordability and mobility of new OEC C-arms are transforming surgery globally by increasing access to improved care through the expansion of minimally invasive surgery.

    The healtymagination tradition continues with imaginative and intuitive developments in the OEC Brivo Essential. This C-arm has robust capabilities that work with you, efficiently removing the complexity of imaging and allowing the surgeon to focus on the patient.

    Discover the OEC C-arm advantage…..
    Essential Clarity… Easily obtain the clear images you need, sharply delivered through Essential Clear Intelligence imaging.
    Simplicity… Free up your surgeons to focus on surgery and patient care with intuitive operation and automated processes.
    Dependability… Feel confident with a robust mechanical design, dose management and data protection features.

  • GE DR X-ray Brivo XR575

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    Flat panel DR, One step to digital
    GE digital radiology system Brivo XR575

    New generation FP detector
    ✓ High-end URP platform
    ✓ Advanced modular design
    ✓ Low power consumption, high efficiency and stability, high signal-to-noise ratio

    Brand new Z-arm platform
    ✓ Z-arm design improves the efficiency and accuracy of positioning
    ✓ Three (3) patterns of vertical movement enhance user experience: normal speed, slow speed and power assited
    ✓ Apparent electronic angle meter
    ✓ LCD touch screen for multi-parameter setting
    ✓ Simple user interface
    ✓ Full clinical application
    ✓ Transparent table top, convenient for position

    GE integrated image chain design
    ✓ Stable performance
    ✓ Excellent image quality

  • GE Mammogram Crystal Senographe

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    Senographe Crystal
    The choice is crystal clear.

    The Senographe* Crystal mammography system makes it easy to transition to full-field digital mammography. Simplified installation and a small footprint help you get up and running quickly. Automated functions, an intuitive interface, and compact, ergonomic design help to enhance throughput and patient comfort. And excellent 2D image quality is designed to give you the clinical confidence you need.

    Helping you maximize throughput with minimal effort
    With its simple installation, slim design, and ability to support high throughput, the Senographe Crystal lets you do the job with speed and ease.

    Single-chip mammography CMOS detector for excellent image quality
    Senographe Crystal is designed to give you excellent clinical confidence for breast cancer screening and basic diagnosis. Starting with GE’s next generation CMOS detectors with 70 pixel size and 2 detector sizes, to high quality Automatic Exposure Control, you’ll get excellent image quality.

    A positive patient experience begins with you
    Senographe Crystal puts everything — detector, tube, c-arm, and more — inside one elegant stylish and streamlined enclosure. The simple operation and user-friendly design of Senographe Crystal make it easy for you to deliver quality personalized care.

  • GE X-ray Analog XR6000 Starlight

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    32 kW High_Frequency Medical Diagnostic X-Ray System

    ✓ The simple and aesthetically pleasing console offers multiple user-friendly functions
    ✓ Offers a three-parameter or two-parameter exposure condition setup function
    ✓ Features an automatic system malfunction detection function

  • GE X-ray Analog XR6000 VRS

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    The Essence of Excellence
    XR6000, Silhouette New Generation

    In the history of X-ray imaging equipment, GE Healthcare has always been at the forefront of innovation. Today EG Healthcare is moving one step forward by proposing a straightforward conventional radiographic solution to ease patient access to health care. With XR6000, GE Healthcare innovates to provide your clinics, primary care centers and hospitals with reliable, cost-effective, high quality products.

    For Faster Exam Time
    ✓ Intuitive console
    ✓ Easy positioning
    ✓ Head-to-toe coverage
    ✓ 3 clicks only for exposure

    Invest in Confidence
    ✓ Robust & Easy to maintain; Created to last…Avoid downtime!
    ✓ Easy to install; No extra investment…up and running 1 day
    ✓ Limit the hassle; No need for room refurbishment
    ✓ Computed Radiography (CR) Compatibility for Better Image

  • GE X-ray DR Digitizer Brivo XR118 (Wireless)

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    Brivo* XR118
    Digitize away some of your toughest X-ray challenges.

    Digitize away some of your toughest X-ray challenges.
    Slow image processing. Wasted time and resources. Throughput bottlenecks. Long patient waits. Limited exam capacity. Radiation dose. Whether you use AR or CR, a quick, easy upgrade to GE’s digital Brivo XR118 solution helps you address these issues, with a modern wireless system that gives you the potential to X-ray more patients faster, easier, smarter – and more affordably.

    Multiply your patient capacity and your imaging speed.
    Providing fast image preview and delivering images to the PACS quickly, Brivo XR118 can help you cut steps from your process and makes every step faster. You have the potential to see results sooner, grow capacity, reduce bottlenecks, support staff efficiency – and reduce patient waiting time for diagnosis and treatment.

    Cut X-ray ownership costs.
    With its universal detector, flexible Auto-Sensing technology, and elimination of analog films, fixers & developers, and imaging plates (IP), Brivo XR118 is a smart, affordable investment that delivers excellent return well into the future.

    See clear details with less dose.
    Typically using less dose than CR, Brivo XR118 delivers clear images with fine diagnostic detail. So radiologists can provide faster, more confident diagnoses. And administrators can more easily satisfy patients with enhanced care.

  • GE X-ray Mobile Optima XR220amx (w/ WLAN)

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    Based on our revolutionary AMX family of mobile x-ray systems, Optima XR220amx takes digital x-ray to the point of care.

    At the heart of this advanced, portable system is FlashPad, our next-generation wireless digital detector. You gain the productivity, image quality and functionality of a RAD room at the point of care. The Optima XR220amx enhancements over its predecessor AMX systems include:

    24/7 Availability – The system remains on standby and is ready to work even while charging. No boot-up is required.

    Uninterrupted Work – Thanks to “Smart Change” automatic-charging algorithms, you can recharge the system and continue taking exposures.

    Stow while Charging – Our wireless digital detector, FlashPad, automatically charges while stowed in its bin, so technologists can maintain focus on patient care.

    Abundant Storage – You'll have ample space to store tape, pens, wipes, markers and more thanks to roomy storage trays.

    Durable Detector – FlashPad utilizes a carbon-fiber housing that protects an internal floating sub-assembly to help make it durable.

  • GE X-ray Mobile TMX Plus

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    TMX + Mobile Radiographic Unit
    TMX+ the solid and easy to use mobile radiographic room for your department

    Compact and Easy to Use
    The TMX+ is a mobile powerful radiography system designed to fulfill a wide range of clinical applications in any location of your department. It has been especially designed for totally adapted use in intensive care, emergencies, pediatrics, neonatology and orthopedics rooms.

    Light and extremely Easy to Manoeuvre
    Because of its ergonomic design, the TMX+ offers optimum visibility during travel. With its battery-free housing and two swiveling front wheels, the TMX+ is extremely easily manoeuvered through the narrowest corridors, small lifts or rooms.

    Sophisticated Functions
    The large control panel with digital display is clear and easy to read. The control panel is equipped with touch-sensitive buttons that allow an easy and fast adjustment of the examination parameters. The anatomical programmer (APR) has 24 types of anatomical techniques stored. With the half dose function button it is easily possible to reduce the applied dose by 50% for pediatric examinations. A perfect balanced arm combined with a rotating monoblock unit allows easily to position the TMX+ for all exposures, even the most difficult ones, in any environment.

    Outstanding Image Quality
    The powerful high frequency monoblock unit together with the rotating anode X-Ray tube, ensure short exposure times for a superb image quality at a reduced dose to the patient.