• MS Foley Catheter Holder 606 Leg Band

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    • Secures All types of Foley Catheters – Silicone & Specialty coated
    • Quick & Easy Application around leg
    • Quick application of Foley Catheter to band

    • Allows slight give at oint of Locking Tab and Legband

    • No Latex Reactions

    • Comfortable, No need to shave hair from legs
    • Wide 2″ legband
    • Does not roll or slide
    • No adhesive material
    • Velcro® can be engaged anywhere along legband

    • Fits up to 24″
    • Fits up to 60″

    • Price to save you and your patients money.
  • MS Foley Catheter Holder 650 Foley Loc

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    ✓ Latex – Free
    ✓ Disposable
    ✓ Non – Sterile
    ✓ Addresses CDC's guidelines for securing Foley Catheters


    Kink Resistant – Non-swivel Locking system reduces potential of catheter kinking and twisting
    Adjustable – Velcro® EZ-Tabs allow for release, inspection / cleaning and re-attachment
    Security – Minimizes dislodgements, traction and pistoning
    Versatility – Secures and stabilizes all styles of Foley catheters (silicone or latex, two or three port catheters)
    Universal Design – One style reduces inventory and save costs
    Patient Comfort – Latex-Free & hypo-allergenic medical grade adhesive

  • MS Foley Catheter Tube Tie 5445

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    Foley Catheter Holder:

    Peel back base adhesive liner from Tube-Tie® securement device and apply to upper thigh. Open Quick Release Velcro® Locking Tab & peel off the inner liner. Insert Foley Catheter below Y-lumen and engage Velcro® Tab. Velcro® Locking Tab may be lifted to reposition tubing.

    Jejunostomy & Gastrostomy Tube Holder & Wound Drainage Tube:

    Peel back base adhesive liner from Tube-Tie® securement device and apply next to insertion site. Open Velcro® Locking Tab & peel off the adhesive inner liner. Coil the tubing comfortably and insert into locking system and engage Velcro® Tab.

    Subclavian Line and Other Ports:

    Apply Tube-Tie® next to the site and use to prevent ports from dangling or dislodging.
    Use Tube-Tie® to secure all types of tubing. Apply to clean, dry skin. Change patch and skin location if soiled or skin discomfort occurs. Remove securement device with alcohol or warm soapy water.