• GE CT Scan Revolutiona ACTs 16 Slice

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    Revolution ACTs EX  Your Aspirations. Realized.

    Technologies that revolve around you
    Designed with your needs in mind, Revolution ACTs helps you improve standards of patient care by providing new levels of image quality, patient safety, economic value, and advanced applications. Powering these advances is a host of integrated, largely exclusive technologies.

    Higher Performance Clarity panel detector
    Clarity panel detector: An innovative detector technology is an industry first to introduce a segmented panel design with many design elements inherited from our premium Revolution CT.

    Improved spatial resolution
    Clarity panel detector delivers exceptional spatial resolution of 18 lp/cm to enable high quality imaging and visualization of anatomy in 3D.

    Up to 20% lower electronic noise
    An integrated detector design built with modern chipsets and DAS on detector (DoD) technology used in our premium Revolution CT to lower noise and achieve high signal to noise performance.

    Low power efficient design
    A compact and power efficient design, each detector module consumes a paltry 2mW per channel. Intelligent thermal management is tightly integrated within the detector so it is ready to scan within minutes.

    Higher Performance – improved imaging chain

    Ultra Kernel
    Adaptive Enhance Level Adjustment (AELA) can improve visual spatial resolution while maintaining pixel noise standard deviation. This kernel maybe helpful in enhancing the visualization of small anatomical structures with high contrast.

    Advanced Acquisition
    A higher sampling density provides better representation of the original signal and can potentially lead to improved image quality and fidelity. Using GE’s novel conjugate cone beam reconstruction algorithm, the conjugated rows of projections are considered jointly in the back projection step and delivers improved Z-axis visualization performance.