• MS Bed Electric ICU DA-2A with Matt, IV Pole

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    Standard Configuration

    1. Split Side Rails: The 4pcs PP side rails provide the patient with protection against falls.
    2. Removable Mattress Platform: Easy removable and easy for sterilization.
    3. H/F Boards Locks: The bed board locks prevent accidental removal of the bed boards when steering or handling the bed.
    4. Protective corner bumpers
    5. Lifting pole or infusion stand holes
    6. Mattress holders
    7. Angle Indicator: The angle gauges of side rails in the head and foot direction show the angle of the backrest and the tilt of the whole bed mattress platform respectively.
    8. Extension of the bed: The integrated bed extension adjusts the mattress platform length to the individual patient's height.
    9. Four 125mm castors with central locking system
    10. Manual CPR: The electric CPR is equipped with damping device, which can let the back rest fall down slowly to ensure the safety of the patient when the power is off, the whole process can be single hand operation.
  • MS Emergency Cart F-46-S2 HB

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    Size: L695*W567*H1010mm

    Standard Configurations:

    • ABS Drawers (5)
    • Siding shelf
    • Central locking system (1)
    • Dia.125 twin wheels with brakes (4)
    • Anti-Bumper (4)

    Standard Accessories:

    • Waste Bin (2)
    • Needle disposal container holder (1)
    • Needle disposal container (1)
    • Defibrillator shelf
    • CPR board (1)
    • Disinfectant holder (1)
    • I.V pole (1)
    • Oxygen tank holder
    • Power strip
    • Power strip holder
  • MS IV Stand A (4 Hooks) Stainless Steel

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    Configuration on casters
    Number of hooks 4-hook
    Other characteristics stainless steel


    • Stainless steel round tube and base
    • Height can be adjusted from 135cm to 240cm
    • Top with 4 chrome hooks, S.S.base with castors (Dia.50mm)
  • MS Medicine Trolley F45-2II

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    Size: 820 (L) × 505 (W) × 980 (H)mm

    Main Feature:
    1. Aluminium alloy column with ABS engineering plastic construction
    2. Base with dia. 125mm castors, each with brakes
    3. Five drawers (2 small sizes, 2 middle sizes, and 1 big size) with central locking system; Inner with medicine divider
    4. With related accessories as bellow:

    • IV rod
    • two waste bins
    • file cassette
    • Sliding side shelf
    • ABS cardiac boards
    • power outlet & hooks
  • MS Stretcher E-3 with IV Pole & 8cm Lthrttec Cover with Strap

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    E-3 Luxurious Stretcher

    Size: L1960 x W660 x H580-870mm

    • Both of the platforms and side rails are made of ABS material shaped once for all
    • Backrest is controlled by hydraulic auxilialy spring
    • Height adjustment is operated by crank
    • Φ150mm castors with central locking system
    • To be equipped with steering castor
  • MS Stretcher Hydraulic With IV Pole & Mattress E8 CH

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    E-8 Luxurious Hydraulic Stretcher

    Size: 2045(L) x 790(W) x 605(H)~920mm

    • The main platform of the stretcher which is equipped with imported double rise-and-fall hydraulic pump systems with is made of X-ray revealed material.
    • Central locking system and the steering castor make the stretcher move steadily, reliably, and lightly.
    • The stretcher has the function of hi-low, Trendelenburg, and reverse-Trendelenburg which are controlled by the pedals at the two sides of the stretcher.
    • The rear of the stretcher has the central locking pedals, the bottom cover is made of ABS material and shaped once for all which can be easily cleaned.
    • The stretcher is equipped with infusion poles, drainage hooks, and collapsable aluminum alloy side rails.
    • It is the best choice for the emergency room and ICU ward for transferring patients.