3M Coverall Suit Medium 4545

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✓ Protective coverall helps protect against certain light liquid splashes and hazardous dusts
✓ Microporous PE laminate offers a barrier against hazardous particles and liquid splashes
✓ Breathable, SMMMS fabric back panel helps improve air ventilation and helps reduce heat build-up
✓ Reinforcement gusset between the legs to help provide increased durability during bending and squatting
✓ Meets government standards for Type 6 Splashes, Type 5 Dust, Anti-Static and Nuclear protection
✓ Elastic waist and ankles for convenience and freedom of movement
✓ Two-way zipper with sealable storm flap for convenience and to help provide additional protection
✓ Three panel hood design helps provide a more comfortable fit and a sleek, low-profile style

3M™ Disposable Protective Coverall Safety Work Wear 4540+ helps protect against certain light liquid splashes and hazardous dusts, including nuclear particles. This coverall offers a hooded option for protection of the head and neck. Advanced, breathable and lightweight materials help reduce heat build-up and promote comfortable wear.

3M™ Disposable Protective Coverall Safety Work Wear 4540+ offers high-performance protection while delivering worker comfort. This coverall is constructed with a non-woven laminated material and a breathable, SMMMS fabric back panel to help improve air ventilation. The microporous PE laminate is low linting and comes with an anti-static treatment on both sides. The back panel helps reduce heat build-up while providing a barrier against hazardous particles and limited liquid splashes. The coveralls also feature extra room in the arms and legs for enhanced mobility; two-way zippers for added on-off convenience, and storm flaps and seamless shoulders and sleeve tops for extra protection. All sizes have knit cuffs and elastic waist and ankles for increased comfort and mobility.

Product Description

Suggested Applications
Asbestos Abatement and Inspection, Exposure to Radioactive Particles, Lead Abatement, Mold Remediation/Mold Spores, Fertilizer Application (Dry/Granular), Pesticide Application (Liquid), General Industrial Clean-up and Processing, Grease (General), Machine or Vehicle Maintenance, Coal Dust, Fiberglass/Cellulose Insulation Installation, Food Processing, General Industrial Clean-up and Processing, General Powder Handling, Non-hazardous Aerosols (Sprays), Non-hazardous Liquids, Paint/Spray Coating, Paint/Spray Coating (with Isocyanate paints), Clean Room Applications (ISO Class 4 – 9), Pharmaceutical Powder Handling, Metal particulate (chromium beryllium, etc.), Metal Polishing.

Specifications :

  • Closure Type : Two-way Zipper
  • Color : White
  • Features : 3 Panel Hood, Anti-static, Elastic Waist & Ankle, Knitted Cuff, Radioactive Particulate Protection
  • Material : Combined SMS – Laminate
  • Recommended Industry : Commercial buildings, Construction, Design & Construction, Facility Sanitation, Food Safety
  • Standards/Approvals : Certified to European Standards to help protect against certain industrial hazards.
  • Style : 3 Panel Hood, Elastic Waist & Ankle, Knitted Cuff

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