• GE C-Arm Brivo Essential

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    OEC Brivo Essential
    Your essential partner in surgery.

    For more than three decades, OEC has been committed to delivering high-quality, innovative advances in the mobile surgical imaging field, supporting successful surgeries throughout the world with easy-to-use technology. The affordability and mobility of new OEC C-arms are transforming surgery globally by increasing access to improved care through the expansion of minimally invasive surgery.

    The healtymagination tradition continues with imaginative and intuitive developments in the OEC Brivo Essential. This C-arm has robust capabilities that work with you, efficiently removing the complexity of imaging and allowing the surgeon to focus on the patient.

    Discover the OEC C-arm advantage…..
    Essential Clarity… Easily obtain the clear images you need, sharply delivered through Essential Clear Intelligence imaging.
    Simplicity… Free up your surgeons to focus on surgery and patient care with intuitive operation and automated processes.
    Dependability… Feel confident with a robust mechanical design, dose management and data protection features.

  • GE CT Scan Revolutiona ACTs 16 Slice

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    Revolution ACTs EX  Your Aspirations. Realized.

    Technologies that revolve around you
    Designed with your needs in mind, Revolution ACTs helps you improve standards of patient care by providing new levels of image quality, patient safety, economic value, and advanced applications. Powering these advances is a host of integrated, largely exclusive technologies.

    Higher Performance Clarity panel detector
    Clarity panel detector: An innovative detector technology is an industry first to introduce a segmented panel design with many design elements inherited from our premium Revolution CT.

    Improved spatial resolution
    Clarity panel detector delivers exceptional spatial resolution of 18 lp/cm to enable high quality imaging and visualization of anatomy in 3D.

    Up to 20% lower electronic noise
    An integrated detector design built with modern chipsets and DAS on detector (DoD) technology used in our premium Revolution CT to lower noise and achieve high signal to noise performance.

    Low power efficient design
    A compact and power efficient design, each detector module consumes a paltry 2mW per channel. Intelligent thermal management is tightly integrated within the detector so it is ready to scan within minutes.

    Higher Performance – improved imaging chain

    Ultra Kernel
    Adaptive Enhance Level Adjustment (AELA) can improve visual spatial resolution while maintaining pixel noise standard deviation. This kernel maybe helpful in enhancing the visualization of small anatomical structures with high contrast.

    Advanced Acquisition
    A higher sampling density provides better representation of the original signal and can potentially lead to improved image quality and fidelity. Using GE’s novel conjugate cone beam reconstruction algorithm, the conjugated rows of projections are considered jointly in the back projection step and delivers improved Z-axis visualization performance.

  • GE DR X-ray Brivo XR575

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    Flat panel DR, One step to digital
    GE digital radiology system Brivo XR575

    New generation FP detector
    ✓ High-end URP platform
    ✓ Advanced modular design
    ✓ Low power consumption, high efficiency and stability, high signal-to-noise ratio

    Brand new Z-arm platform
    ✓ Z-arm design improves the efficiency and accuracy of positioning
    ✓ Three (3) patterns of vertical movement enhance user experience: normal speed, slow speed and power assited
    ✓ Apparent electronic angle meter
    ✓ LCD touch screen for multi-parameter setting
    ✓ Simple user interface
    ✓ Full clinical application
    ✓ Transparent table top, convenient for position

    GE integrated image chain design
    ✓ Stable performance
    ✓ Excellent image quality

  • GE Mammogram Crystal Senographe

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    Senographe Crystal
    The choice is crystal clear.

    The Senographe* Crystal mammography system makes it easy to transition to full-field digital mammography. Simplified installation and a small footprint help you get up and running quickly. Automated functions, an intuitive interface, and compact, ergonomic design help to enhance throughput and patient comfort. And excellent 2D image quality is designed to give you the clinical confidence you need.

    Helping you maximize throughput with minimal effort
    With its simple installation, slim design, and ability to support high throughput, the Senographe Crystal lets you do the job with speed and ease.

    Single-chip mammography CMOS detector for excellent image quality
    Senographe Crystal is designed to give you excellent clinical confidence for breast cancer screening and basic diagnosis. Starting with GE’s next generation CMOS detectors with 70 pixel size and 2 detector sizes, to high quality Automatic Exposure Control, you’ll get excellent image quality.

    A positive patient experience begins with you
    Senographe Crystal puts everything — detector, tube, c-arm, and more — inside one elegant stylish and streamlined enclosure. The simple operation and user-friendly design of Senographe Crystal make it easy for you to deliver quality personalized care.

  • GE Ultrasound Logiq E Pro

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    Simple. Fast. Precise. Empowering Point of Care.
    The LOGIQ™ e Pro Edition Ultrasound System

    ✓ Designed for Point of Care
    ✓ Simple
    ✓ Fast
    ✓ Precise

    Imaging on the go. Compact and battery-operated, the LOGIQ e allows flexibility in moving from patient-to-patient.

    Document on the fly. Save images to a memory stick or network devices. And chose between PACS and EMR compatible format.

    Tissue differentiation matters. The LOGIQ e Pro Edition imaging engine is separately optimized for each Point of Care application.

    See the needle tip. The LOGIQ e Pro Edition uses two different types of ultrasound: One for tissue and one for metal. This helps the needle stand out and allows separate control of the needle appearance.

    Image almost the whole body… and almost any body. A wide variety of transducers offer versatility for applications from head to heart to toe, even in obese patients.

    See in 3D. Use any transducer1 to show anatomical relationships intuitively with Easy3D.

  • GE Ultrasound Logiq E R7

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    The LOGIQ E R7 provides even more impressive veterinary abdominal and cardiac images than the BT12 LOGIQe, combining the high performance of a console system with the portability of a laptop.

    ✓ Simple. Fast. Precise
    ✓ Colour Flow Mode, Power Doppler Imaging (PDI), Pulse Wave Doppler (PWD)
    ✓ 15” high resolution colour LCD screen
    ✓ Integrated solid state hard drive
    ✓ Automatic optimisation
    ✓ CrossXBeam™
    ✓ Speckle Reduction Imaging (SRI-HD)
    ✓ Virtual Convex / Virtual Apex
    ✓ Fine Angle Steer
    ✓ HD Zoom (Write Zoom)
    ✓ Coded Harmonic Imaging (CHI) – Enhances near field resolution for improved small parts imaging as well as far field penetration. Diminishes low frequency / amplitude noise and provides clarity to needle, anatomy and motion.
    ✓ Raw Data Processing
    ✓ Quicksave – Single button push sends single image or entire patient exam to memory stick or network
    ✓ On-board manual (Help)
    ✓ Loop storage – from live scanning and from memory
    ✓ Patient Information Database
    ✓ Customisable user interface
    ✓ Full M&A calculation package with real time Doppler calculations
    ✓ Report writer package – on board reporting package automates report writting
    ✓ Portable and battery operated so easy to move from room to room
    ✓ Export of stills and clips to USB.

  • GE Ultrasound Logiq V2

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    You're committed to delivering exceptional care to your patients. Let us be your partner in building your business – we've built something just for you.

    Now you can have a portable system that provides a great imaging capabilities while still being budget friendly.
    With its compact design – yet large LCD display and standard battery back up – the LOGIO™ V2 fits into small spaces and easily maneuvers where you need it. Whether you're going from room to room or office to office, the LOGIO™ V2 has what urologist needed:

    ✓ Cart for additional stability with additional probe port and probe holder options
    ✓ Protective wheeled case for easy transport outside the office
    ✓ Wireless adapter for added portable connectivity
    ✓ On-board reporting to add key images to a report with exam findings and results that can be shared with an EMR
    ✓ MyTrainer on-board support program for real-time guidance and support

    Designed to do what you need it to do- and how you need to do it.

  • GE Ultrasound Venue 50

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    Venue 50 Ultrasound
    An intuitive user experience in a simple and fast tablet. Now offering Pinpoint™ GT technology for precise needle guidance.

    More accurate ultrasound needle guidance.
    Nearly three-quarters of ultrasound procedures at the point of care involve needle guidance. We're committed to making them simple, fast and precise for clinicians.
    The Venue™ 50 offering Pinpoint™ GT technology helps deliver on that promise by enabling greater control over needle placement with twice the accuracy of conventional ultrasound needle guidance. In a recent study¹, clinicians:

    Improved needle placement accuracy by 51%, across all procedure types.
    Reduced non-productive needle sticks by 70%.

    In addition to the precision of available Pinpoint™ GT technology, the Venue 50 system offers these advantages:
    One touch and go. Select the probe and preset in one step.
    Tablet-like navigation. Pinch, slide, or tap your way through the procedure, even with your gloves on.
    Fast power-up. The system is operational before you even get your gloves on.
    Portable and wireless. Battery-powered, the system can be moved from patient to patient without powering down.
    Gel & go imaging. Get crisp images without time-consuming tweaking.

    ¹ Use of Pinpoint™ GT from C.R. Bard technology feature compared to conventional needle guidance.

  • GE Ultrasound Vscan Access

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    Vsan Acess
    Assessing risk. Expanding reach.

    Working together, we can help caregivers extend the reach of high-quality care for mothers and newborns around the world

    Maternal and newborn health remains one of our most pressing priorities

    From the Millennium Development (MDGs) to Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), global progress is being made. Yet many countries still need to reduce pregnancy-related mortality.

    To help meet this need, GE made a commitment to the UN and invested our global R&D capabilities to develop essential technologies well suited for-resource settings.

    Vsan Access™ is an innovative ultrasound device designed to help primarily health workers assess pregnancy risk early and expand quality care to mothers who need it most.

    With Vscan Access, midwives, paramedics, clinical officers, and general practitioners have the means to:
    ✓ Conduct examinations that may result in the early detection of potentially life-threatening pregnancy complications
    ✓ Estimate gestational age and delivery rate date to help better plan and manage deliveries compared to manual exam methods
    ✓ Guide the critical “keep or refer” decisions over the course of antenatal visits
    ✓ Wirelessly transfer data to patients, referral facilities or remote experts

  • GE Ultrasound Vscan Extend

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    Vscan Extend
    An innovative pocket-sized ultrasound with Wi-Fi and DICOM® capabilities that helps empower healthcare professionals.

    Empowering you in that critical moment

    We know that fast, confident decisions can enhance your productivity and improve patient outcomes. So Vscan Extend builds on the legacy of the original Vscan system to empower you to expedite workflow and make quick assessments and treatment decisions on the spot.

    This anytime, anywhere solution offers exceptional clinical flexibility, an intuitive touchscreen interface, and seemless integration with hospitals' wireless networks and DICOM®-based documentation and reporting. With Vscan Extend, the first GE ultrasound system to leverage an app-ecosystem enabled by GE Marketplace, you can enhance your practice by downloading measurements and protocols to customize your device.

    Regardless of your specialty, you can rely on Vscan Extend to help accelerate speed to decision, boost your confidence, and build trust with patients, – so you're empowered to make the most of that critical moment.

  • GE Ventilator Carescape R860

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    Carescape™ R860
    CARESCAPE™ R860 features expert user tools, an innovative user interface, and is inherently familiar the first time you use it.

    Featuring expert user tools and an innovative user interface, the CARESCAPE R860 is inherently familiar the first time you use it.
    Navigating past, present and future states of your ventilated patient is the foundation of the CARESCAPE R860 user interface. From the center workspace view that highlights current patient status, you can swipe left to right to navigate from historical trends on the left (past) to Clinical Decision Support tools on the right (future). Your settings are recalled even as you navigate across workspaces.
    By replacing menus with workscpace views, the CARESCAPE R860 has flattened the learning curve and unlocked ventilation capabilities by making them more accessible and easier to use.

    Menu-free navigation
    The use interface on the CARESCAPE R860 represents a leap forward in our touchscreen technology. Intuitively organized and easily accessible, relevant clinical content and therapy controls are not buried in menus, they are at your fingertips.

    Keep your focus where needed.
    Interactive touchscreen slider controls of the master timeline in trend views reveal event-centric historical data that lets you take a snaphshot into the past. This allows for a deep dive to compare settings, measured values and alarms within a specific period of time. We've also made alarm management easier to manage by centralizing alarm functions and making patient alarm history easy to find with a single touch.

    Tailored care.
    Through useful data to support clinical decisions and convenient workspaces that can be customized for each patient, you can confidently provide tailored therapy with a touch of brilliance.

  • GE Ventilator Falco Evo 202

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    Falco 202 EVO
    Falco 202 EVO is an affordable and portable ventilator, designed to provide ventilation to patients across clinical settings. Its built-in powerful turbine, portable design, and accurate tidal volume delivery helps you administer precise ventilation at all times.

    Equips clinicians with invasive and non-invasive capabilities
    ✓ Unique electromagnetic flow sensor to detect very low flows and handle a wide range of patients
    ✓ Integrated nebulizer that works on both O2 and normal air for enhanced drug delivery
    ✓ Advanced modes such as PSV-TV and APRV to supports patients with different complexities

    Provides greater value through lower operating cost
    ✓ No preventive maintenance for up to 500 days, resulting in lower Total Cost of Ownership
    ✓ 20,000 hours of turbine warranty for a long‑lasting product

    Performs in a range of environments and is unaffected by humidity
    ✓ Sleek design and small footprint (26.6 x 24.4 x 17.4 cm) for easy siting and installation
    ✓ Lightweight build (5.5 kg) for easy transportation
    ✓ Integrated blowers and supported accessories for use in ambulances and ICUs

  • GE Ventilator Siare 4000C

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    Siaretron 4000C
    Siaretron 4000C is an advanced intensive care ventilator, designed to deliver long‑term respiratory support to a wide range of patients from neonates to adults. It is available in two versions – turbine-driven and gas-driven.

    Equips clinicians with invasive and non-invasive capabilities
    ✓ Unique electromagnetic flow sensor to detect very low flows and handle a wide range of patients
    ✓ Integrated nebulizer that works on both O2 and normal air for enhanced drug delivery
    ✓ Advanced modes such as PSV-TV and APRV to supports patients with different complexities

    Provides greater value through lower operating cost
    ✓ No preventive maintenance for up to 500 days, resulting in lower Total Cost of Ownership
    ✓ 20,000 hours of turbine warranty for a long‑lasting product

    Facilitates easy maneuverability with clever design and architecture
    ✓ Sleek design with a small footprint (51.8 x 53.5 x 26.9 cm)
    ✓ Advanced compressor that fits snugly inside the body of the machine
    ✓ Conveniently placed handle for better portability within the ICU

  • GE Ventilator Siare 4000T

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    Intensive care, redefined.
    With Siaretron 4000T.

    Designed to deliver reliable respiratory support, Siare Engineering International's Siaretron 4000 ventilators (turbine-drive and gas-driven) equip clinicians with an array of cutting-edge features.

    ✓ Suitable from adults to infants; upgradable to newborns
    ✓ Universal ventilator
    ✓ Advanced in-built modes

    ✓ Low maintenance cost
    ✓ 20, 000 hours turbine warranty
    ✓ Electromagnetic flow sensor for lower TCO

    ✓ Small footprint
    ✓ Ergonomic design
    ✓ Easy maneuverability

    Give your facility the Siaretron 4000T edge!

  • GE X-ray Analog XR6000 Starlight

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    32 kW High_Frequency Medical Diagnostic X-Ray System

    ✓ The simple and aesthetically pleasing console offers multiple user-friendly functions
    ✓ Offers a three-parameter or two-parameter exposure condition setup function
    ✓ Features an automatic system malfunction detection function

  • GE X-ray Analog XR6000 VRS

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    The Essence of Excellence
    XR6000, Silhouette New Generation

    In the history of X-ray imaging equipment, GE Healthcare has always been at the forefront of innovation. Today EG Healthcare is moving one step forward by proposing a straightforward conventional radiographic solution to ease patient access to health care. With XR6000, GE Healthcare innovates to provide your clinics, primary care centers and hospitals with reliable, cost-effective, high quality products.

    For Faster Exam Time
    ✓ Intuitive console
    ✓ Easy positioning
    ✓ Head-to-toe coverage
    ✓ 3 clicks only for exposure

    Invest in Confidence
    ✓ Robust & Easy to maintain; Created to last…Avoid downtime!
    ✓ Easy to install; No extra investment…up and running 1 day
    ✓ Limit the hassle; No need for room refurbishment
    ✓ Computed Radiography (CR) Compatibility for Better Image

  • GE X-ray DR Digitizer Brivo XR118 (Wireless)

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    Brivo* XR118
    Digitize away some of your toughest X-ray challenges.

    Digitize away some of your toughest X-ray challenges.
    Slow image processing. Wasted time and resources. Throughput bottlenecks. Long patient waits. Limited exam capacity. Radiation dose. Whether you use AR or CR, a quick, easy upgrade to GE’s digital Brivo XR118 solution helps you address these issues, with a modern wireless system that gives you the potential to X-ray more patients faster, easier, smarter – and more affordably.

    Multiply your patient capacity and your imaging speed.
    Providing fast image preview and delivering images to the PACS quickly, Brivo XR118 can help you cut steps from your process and makes every step faster. You have the potential to see results sooner, grow capacity, reduce bottlenecks, support staff efficiency – and reduce patient waiting time for diagnosis and treatment.

    Cut X-ray ownership costs.
    With its universal detector, flexible Auto-Sensing technology, and elimination of analog films, fixers & developers, and imaging plates (IP), Brivo XR118 is a smart, affordable investment that delivers excellent return well into the future.

    See clear details with less dose.
    Typically using less dose than CR, Brivo XR118 delivers clear images with fine diagnostic detail. So radiologists can provide faster, more confident diagnoses. And administrators can more easily satisfy patients with enhanced care.

  • GE X-ray Mobile Optima XR220amx (w/ WLAN)

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    Based on our revolutionary AMX family of mobile x-ray systems, Optima XR220amx takes digital x-ray to the point of care.

    At the heart of this advanced, portable system is FlashPad, our next-generation wireless digital detector. You gain the productivity, image quality and functionality of a RAD room at the point of care. The Optima XR220amx enhancements over its predecessor AMX systems include:

    24/7 Availability – The system remains on standby and is ready to work even while charging. No boot-up is required.

    Uninterrupted Work – Thanks to “Smart Change” automatic-charging algorithms, you can recharge the system and continue taking exposures.

    Stow while Charging – Our wireless digital detector, FlashPad, automatically charges while stowed in its bin, so technologists can maintain focus on patient care.

    Abundant Storage – You'll have ample space to store tape, pens, wipes, markers and more thanks to roomy storage trays.

    Durable Detector – FlashPad utilizes a carbon-fiber housing that protects an internal floating sub-assembly to help make it durable.