MS Sphygmo Automatic DM-3000

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A superior multi-featured sphygmomanometer that meets the most exacting of expectations in all regards is now available for practicing doctors and clinic.

The DM 3000 meets all the requirements that can be expected of a modern measuring instrument serving basic diagnostics- and accelerates measurement. Its high degree of flexibility makes it suitable for all patient and measuring conditions. Reliable, fast, medically accurate and free of components such as venous mercury or interference-probe gear wheels, the long-awaited alternative to mechanical oneroid or Riva-Rocci sphygmomanometers is here at last.

✓ Can be alternatively used for auscultatory or ascillometric blood pressure measuring
✓ With precise and reliable measuring results
✓ Extra-long and standard width cuffs
✓ Extra-fast inflation and flexible air-release
✓ Mercury-free bar LCD and numeric display

Product Description

Sphygmomanometer DM-3000

CE-MDD Class II a
Function ∙ Automatic blood pressure and pulse rate monitoring
∙ Automatic cuff pumping and regulated air release
∙ Electronic air pressure gauge
Automatic blood pressure monitoring ∙Cuff Oscillo-Metric method, upper arm
Arm Size: Standard cuff 22-32 cm; Large cuff 32-42 cm
Systolic: 50-250 mmHG
Diastolic: 40-180mmHG
Automatic pumping and regulated deflation Infration: Max 280 mmHG, Min. 100mmHG
Deflation: preset 2.5, 4.5, or 6.5 mmHG/Sec
Pressure Gauge 0-300 mmHG, at ImmHG resolution, +/- 3mmHG accuracy
Power Source Rechargeable Ni-MH battery 4.8V with AC adapter 7V
Power Consumption 14W max (with automatic sleep function)
Operating Ambient +10 to 40°C / 85% RH or below
Storing Ambient -5 to +50°C / 85%RH or below
Physical Dimensions 136W, 206D, 276H, 1000g including cuff container, wihout battery
Cuff cover Durable cotton, easy to clean or disinfect

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