Endoloop CTD Vicryl 0 45cm EJ10G

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Speed up almost any ligation procedure.

Elegantly simple, the ENDOLOOP Ligature facilitates the ligation of pedicles in laparoscopic procedures. It consist of an 18" long ligature inserted into a plastic tube (narrow at one end and scored at the other). The suture is formed in a ligature loop with a knot. Once the ligature is in place, simply snap the scored end and pull upward to tighten the loop and secure the knot.

The ENDLOOP Ligature is:
✓ Efficient - fast, easy-to-perform ligation
✓ Choice - compatibility with braided VICRYL® (polyglactin 910) Suture, which is absorbed in 56-70 days, or monofilament PDS® II (polydioxanone) suture which is absorbed in 180 - 210 days.

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