• MS 1 Tsp Oral Syringe 67008

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    Ideal for giving liquid medication to infants and toddlers. UPC: 025715670089 – Ezy Dose Oral Syringe With Dosage Korc – 1 Tsp – Ideal for giving liquid medication to infants and toddlers. – Ezy dose oral syringe with dosage korc

    ✓ Oral Syringe is calibrated in 1/4 TSPs and MLs (1 to 5 MLs)
    ✓ Ideal for giving liquid medication to infants and toddlers
    ✓ Dosage Korc allows medication to be drawn directly from bottle
    ✓ Calibrations are large and easy to read. Easy see through for accuracy
    ✓ Dosage Korc allows the medicine to be drawn directly from the bottle
    ✓ Specially designed gasket material prevents plunger from sticking after rep
    ✓ Latex Free. BPA free.

  • MS 1Tsp Med Spoon “Mini” 67021

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    The 1 Tsp Mini Spoon is calibrated to deliver the correct dosage every time! The Mini Spoon has a flat bottom that allows it to stand upright without tipping. Compact size makes it easy to take with you everywhere. Raised calibrations in both tsp and mL are easy to read. Top-rack dishwasher safe and durable. Designed for years of use.

  • MS 2 Tsp Medicine Nurser 67028

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    A medicine measure with a teat for giving medicine to infants who are bottle or breastfed. Consists of all plastic bottle with markings in milliliters/teaspoons and teat which can be sterilized.

  • MS 7 Day Push N Pop Pill Reminder – Large 67370

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    ✓ The large imprinted letters designate the day of the week on each of the 7 roomy compartments and each compartment features a rounded bottom which makes it easy to remove medication.

    ✓ This pill reminder is made of translucent, durable plastic, so you can tell if you took your medication without opening the lid.

    ✓ This product is not child-resistant.

    ✓ Color may vary.

  • MS Ezy-Cut Tablet Cutter

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    The safest, easiest way to split pills. Adjustable Slide Guide centers all shapes of pills, while a Safety Shield finger guard protects fingers.

    ✓ Built-in magnifier
    ✓ Ergonomic grip cover
    ✓ Adjustable Slide Guide centers your pill
    ✓ Safety Shield covers blade when cover is open
    ✓ Heavy-duty stainless steel blade cuts all shapes of pills

  • MS Fashion Alarm Pill Box 68822

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    ✓ Loud, audible alarm!

    ✓ Set it and forget it

    ✓ 20 hour count down or count up timer

    ✓ Not a clock

  • MS Pill Box AM/PM 67433

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    ✓ Each compartment holds 26 aspirin

    ✓ Clear lid for easy identification

    ✓ Contoured bottom for easy pill removal

    ✓ Assorted colors

  • MS Pill Caddy Pocket 2CT 67196

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    ✓ SNAP-SHUT LIDS – The planner's lids have a snap-shut design that resists accidental opening even when dropped

    ✓ SPACIOUS STORAGE – The container can hold up to 26 Aspirin

    ✓ MULTIPLE COLORS – The planner comes in 4 assorted colors

    ✓ FLEXIBLE USE – Carry medications, vitamins or other small items discreetly


  • MS Pill FOB Key Chain 1 CT-Deluxe 68130

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    EZY Dose Pill Fob Keychain, Silver, O-Ring Seal

    ✓ Carry important medication with you

    ✓ O-Ring seal keeps medication airtight and moisture-free

    ✓ Keeps important medication close at hand

    ✓ Durable lightweight aluminum

  • MS Push Button 7 Day Med

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    ✓ Medium compartments hold up to 15 aspirin tablets and are great for single larger medications and/or vitamins or multiple smaller ones.
    ✓ Larger push buttons soften the effort needed to open compartments
    ✓ Four silicone “feet” secure the planner to the counter for one-handed opening
    ✓ Contoured scoop bottom for easy removal with fingertips
    ✓ Translucent lids for easy pill identification
    ✓ Bold, large capitalized lettering for easier compartment identification
    ✓ Assorted colors – bright red, blue and dark purple
    ✓ Blister card packaging for hanging display
    ✓ Recipient of the Ease-of-Use Commendation from the Arthritis Foundation® – commendation is noted on the packaging

  • MS Stackables Small 7CT 6449

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    ✓ Contains 7 individual compartments
    ✓ With Extra Lid & Label
    ✓ Perfect for travel or home use

    You'll love the convenience of these stackable organizers. Each unit screws together to make a stackable unit with one convenient screw-on cap, as well as one extra cap for daily use. Seven individual compartments are perfect for organizing pills, buttons, safety pins, beads and other small items. Comes with free adhesive labels for custom identification. Each compartment holds 36 aspirin tablets.

  • MS Tablet Crusher Container 71091

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    Ezy Dose Pill Crusher with Build-In Storage #71091

    ✓ TRANSPARENT BASE – So you can see the pills being crushed

    ✓ PILL STORAGE COMPARTMENT – Built-in pill storage compartment can hold multiple pills

    ✓ BUILT IN DRINKING CUP- Top portion doubles as a drinking cup for on-the-go convenience

    ✓ BUILT TO LAST – Quality design is made for repeated use

    ✓ EASY TO USE – Easily crushes most tablets and pills

    Cleaning Instructions: Before using, wash with mild detergent, rinse with warm water and allow to air dry.

    1. Unscrew crusher cap and place tablets into the container.

    2. Screw the crusher cap down tightly against the tablets. Then, with a firm hold on the crusher cap, rotate the crusher cap back and forth to crush the tablets. Repeat this back and forth movement until a uniform powder has been achieved. Each time the cap is rotated back and forth, increase the forward rotation to increase the crushing pressure on the tablets. When the cap can no longer be rotated down onto the tablets, back the rotation off one or two revolutions and tap the container on the table to redistribute the powder. Repeat the back and forth crushing rotation of the cap.

    3. Remove cap to empty powdered tablets from the container.

    4. To store medication, unscrew bottom pill container cover and fill the container with tablets. Replace the cover tightly.

  • MS Tablet Cutter 67015

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    ✓ COMPACT DESIGN – Allows for discrete storage and easy transportation

    ✓ STAINLESS STEEL BLADE – Steel blade is durable and easily splits pills and tablets

    ✓ SIMPLE CUTTING ACTION – Designed to cut and split medication effortlessly with little pressure applied by the user

    ✓ BUILT TO LAST – Pill cutter has a high-quality component and design that is made for repeated use

    ✓ COLORS VARY: You will receive a random color with this order

  • MS Tablet Cutter Deluxe 67767

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    Tablet Splitter – Ezy Dose Deluxe Pill Cutter 67767

    ✓ Compress Design- Allows for discrete storage and easy transportation
    ✓ Stainless Steel Blade – Steel blade is durable and easily split pills and tablets
    ✓ Perfect for break up your medication into smaller more manageable sizes

    Great for those who suffer from dysphagia.
    ∙ Simple Cutting Set up – Designed to cut and split medication effortlessly with little pressure applied by the user
    ∙ Built-in Storage – The pill cutter has a built-in storage compartment to store your medication.

  • MS Tablet Cutter Safety Shield 67856

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    Our patented Safety-Shield cover keeps the cutting blade covered for extra protection when prepping medication to be cut.

    ✓ Stainless steel blade
    ✓ Soft arms hold pill securely in place for cutting
    ✓ Assorted colors
    ✓ Unique design of this tablet cutter

    ✓ Has a unique safety shield
    ✓ Has flexible wings

    Cleaning Instructions:
    Before using, and after each use, wash with hot water.

    ✓ Open tablet cutter to approximately a 30° angle.
    ✓ Flush tablet cutter with warm water to rinse.
    ✓ Stand the tablet cutter on end in a partially open position to air dry.

  • MS Tablet Cutter With Dispenser 67755

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    ✓ Flexible arms hold pill securely in place for cutting

    ✓ Fits conveniently in a pocket or purse

    ✓ Product Dimensions (lid closed): 3.25″ x 1.5″ x .75″

    ✓ Convenient dispenser releases half now; interior tray holds the other half for later

    ✓ Stainless steel blade