• MS Stretcher-Hydraulic W/ Trendelenburg

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    ✓ Chest X-ray Platform
    ✓ Stainless Collapsible Siderails with Safety Lock
    ✓ Foot Pedals (on Both Sides) for Hydraulic Hi-Low and Trend Controls at Any Height
    ✓ Backrest Position Handle (Gas-Spring 0~90 degrees)
    ✓ Two-Step Foot Position Lever (Up to 15 degrees)
    ✓ Crank Operation for Knee Position at Foot-End
    ✓ Central Braking and Steering System
    ✓ 8-inch Central Brake Casters with Dust-Proof Cover
    ✓ ABS Bottom Cover with Storage Bin
    ✓ Four ABS Corner Bumper
    ✓ Six Drainage Bag Hooks
    ✓ Ten Restraint Strap Holders
    ✓ Seat Position
    ✓ Retractable Fifth-Wheel Steering (Optional)
    ✓ Trend & Rev. Trend Function