Bbraun Proxima2 Urostomy Pouche TRSP

Item Number    Item Description
110119     Bbraun Proxima2 Urostomy Pouche Trsp 40mm
110120     Bbraun Proxima2 Urostomy Pouche Trsp 50mm
110121     Bbraun Proxima2 Urostomy Pouche Trsp 60mm

Almarys Twin + Uro pouch is a two-piece pouch for the collection of urine of any person having undergone surgery of the urostomy type. It provides patient:
✓ An anti- reflux valve to prevent back flow of urine
✓ A unique drain tap (increased security, increased comfort, easier handling)
✓ A universal connector to connect uine night bags
✓ Full hydrocolloid skin barrier
✓ Discreet flange incorporating belt loops
✓ Excellent locking system
✓ Release paper with printed cutting-target

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110119, 110120, 110121


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