MS Unik Plain


Item Number

Item Description

110951 MS Unik Plain 1-0 Ndl 30mm 301P
110952 MS Unik Plain 2-0 Ndl 26mm 262P
110953 MS Unik Plain 2-0 W/o Ndl 502P
110954 MS Unik Plain 3-0 Ndl 26mm 263P
110955 MS Unik Plain 4-0 Ndl 26mm< 264P/td>

Product Description

Plain Catgut
Plain Catgut is a uniform, firmly twisted strand of collagen made of the serosa layer of bovine intestines. The purified strands, after electronic gauging and polishing, form a virtual monofilament with exceptional handing properties. It is indicated for use in general soft issue approximation and/or ligation, including use in ophthalmic surgery.