MS Resuscitator Ad Reus Twn NCS-100L-RV1

SKU: 170676

DEVOTOR™ Reusable Manual Resuscitator

  • High durability design, can be autoclaved 10 to 20 times
  • Great performance technology bag enables operating for extended periods without hand fatigue
  • Ergonomic “finger wide, easy-twist” reservoir valve design allows disassembling extermely easy
  • Transparent medical grade material allows better internal visibility
  • All parts, except reservoir bag and oxygen tubing, can be autoclaved with distilled water at temperature and pressure:
    125ºC and 1.3 kgs/cm2 for 20 minutes
    134ºC and 2.1 kgs/cm2 for 3 minutes
  • Medical grade silicone, PC connectors, DEHP-free

Product Description

With pressure relief valve, 2m non-kink tubing, reservoir bag, mask (#5)

Excellent performance manual resuscitator consists of ergonomically designed PC connectors, highly transparent resuscitator bag, silicon mask, oxygen reservoir bag, and non-kink oxygen tubing, supporting your increasing of survival rate.

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