MS Oximeter- Handheld MD300A

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MD300A Handheld Pulse Oximeter, accurately and quickly measure SpO2, pulse rate, waveform, and pulse bar. Instead of the monitor at the bedside care program application. To reduce medical instrument costs for small clinics, and provide practical solutions. Widely used in hospitals, clinics, and healthcare centers.

Accurate Measurement Professional Guarantee
  1. Accurately measure SpO2, pulse rate, wave form, and pulse bar
  2. 24-hour record stage
  3. Data storage and review can automatically generate SpO2 trend chart, and quick view the change of patients' signs

Innovational Design Exhibit Quality
  1. With large body and blood oxygen wavefor of the two display modes, satisfy a variety of needs;
  2. Special design of acousto-optic alarms for non-normal state, help healthcare workers for the first time understand the change of patients' signs;
  3. Specially equipped with bracket, and wisely used in clinical operation and bedside monitor;
  4. Rubber jacket providing external protection

Ultra-long Standby and Portable
  1. 4 "AA" alkaline batteries or rechargeable batteries
  2. Support AC/DC power
  3. Support power adapter

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