MS Oximeter-Fingertip MD300D/C2

SKU: 170623
Small and compact in size with low power consumption - ideal for the spot checking of blood oxygen saturation levels and pulse rates.

✓ Clear OLED colour display with high contrast between background and reading numbers for fast readings
✓ The SpO2 (pulse oximetry %) and pulse rate can be displayed in 4 rotations to customize the oximeter exactly how you like it
✓ Options of displaying the pleth waveform in two formats for easy reading
✓ Simple and convenient with one button operation
✓ Compact and lightweight for portability
✓ Low power consumption
✓ Brightness of the display is adjustable (10 levles) for use in all light conditions
✓ Signal strength indicator to guarantee proper finger insertion
✓ Exceptional value for money

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