MS Neb “Nebu-Com”- Mini

SKU: 170588
Power Source AC 100-120V / AC 220V-240V (50/60 Hz)
Class Class II B-Type Equipment
Power Consumption 30VA (15W)
Max. Nebulizer Pressure 170kPa
Max. Nebulizer Flow Rate 10L/min
Aerosol Flow Rate 0.3mL/min
Average Particle Size 1~8µm
Medication Cup Capacity 8mL
Adequate Medicine Volume 2~8mL
Accessories Nebu-Con Kit/Mask
Unit Size 8.8 x 16 x 20cm
Weight 0.98 kg

Product Description

BLUE CROSS® Compressor Type Nebulizer Nebu-Com® Mini CN-Mini (Small and lightweight, suitable for home use)

It does not overheat even after 6 hours continuous use.

  • Designed for minimal sound and vibration (suitable for children and the elderly, and use at night)
  • Filter is both inlet and outlet of the air for double safety
  • Energy sabling model
  • The atomizer (Neb-Com kit) effectively 1~8µm particles

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