MS Microscope-Bino Olym Led CX23

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The CX23 is an economically priced Olympus microscope that achieves a high standard of optical and mechanical quality for educational applications. The binocular head is inclined and features Olympus WF 10X eyepieces. Simple enough for even first-time microscope users to master, the CX23 achieves a high standard of optical and mechanical quality for educational microscopes. Conveniently placed controls and a slim base make for comfortable viewing and efficient adjustments. A graduated mechanical stage is ideal for educational and medical school applications.

Product Description


Optical System Infinity optical system
Body Aluminum die-casting metal frame, protective covering
Illumination System Built-in transmitted illumination system, LED Power Consumption 0.5W (nominal values)
Focusing Stage height movement (coarse movement stroke: 15mm), coarse adjustment limit stopper, Torque adjustment for coarse adjustment knob, Fine focus knob (minimum adjustment gradations: 2.5µm)
Revolving Nosepiece Fixed quadruple nosepiece
Stage Wire movement mechanical fixed stage; traveling range: 76 mm (X) x 30 mm (Y), specimen holder, specimen position scale
Observation Tube 30° inclined binocular tube interpupillary distance adjustment range: 48 75 mm, eyepoint adjustment: 370.0 432.9mm
Objectives Plan achromat, anti-fungus
4x NA: 0.10 W.D.: 27.8 mm
10x NA: 0.25 W.D.: 8.0 mm
40x NA: 0.65 W.D.: 0.6 mm
100xOil NA: 1.25 W.D.: 0.13 mm
Eyepiece (10x) Field Number (FN): 20 (anti-fungus)

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