MS Infant Radiant Warmer YD-IC-SCA

SKU: 130055
  • Servo & Manual Control
  • Microprocessor Control System
  • Alarm System
  • Far-Infrared Heater
  • Elapsed Time Display
  • Removable Heater
  • I.V, Pole & Monitor Shelf & Drawer
  • Quick Tool-Free Baby Tray Slope Adjustment
  • “N” means Oxygen Delivery System (Option)
  • Electrical auto-elevation of Central Stand

Product Description


Item Description
Control System Servo & Manual Control
Microprocessor Control System
Baby Tray Slope Adjustment Quick Tool-Free Baby Tray Slope Adjustment (7 Sections)
Alarm System Sensor Failure, Over-High/Low Temp, System Failure, Heating Over 15 Min, Heater Failure, Power Failure(Sound)
Skin/Bed Temp. Control Range 28 ~ 37 ℃
Skin/Bed Display 25 ~ 42 ℃
Skin/Bed Temp. Resolution 0.1 ℃
Fluorescent Lamp 20W x 2
Anti-Broken & Clear Lamp Protector
Extra-Soft Skin Probe 1.3 x 2.6 MM
High, Low Skin/Bed Temp. Alarm SET ± 0.5 ~ 3 ℃
Heater Output Indicator (Digital) 0~100%
Heater & Lamp Dimension 78cm x 26cm x 8cm
(± 2cm)
Baby Tray Dimension 78 x 52cm or 78 x 58cm
(± 2cm)
External & Stand Dimension 104cm x 56~ 62cm x H 185cm
(± 2cm)
Heater Reflection Patches 10 pcs (Diamete : 3.2cm)
Elapsed Time Display 0:00~23:59~0:00
An Intervals of 5 min
1 sec chirp
Removable Heater Plane Movement R. or L
70 or 90 Degree Convenient for X-Ray
Optional accessories Oxygen delivery system: Oxygen flowmeter, Oxygen multiway adaptor, Oxygen regulator, Oxygen auto-resuscitator,
Air-activated suction, Test bag, Mask, Connecting tube for cylinder & central oxygen system (3M)
Others optional accessories Oxygen Head Hood, X -Ray Cassette Holder, Luminescence High Inspecting Lamp (50W),
The Revolving Tray (Revolvable Diagonal Over 35x35cm), Resuscitator Air Pressure Monitor,
Oxygen & Air Blender, Oxygen Monitor & Controller, Quick Hands-Free Protect Plate,
Electrical auto-tiltable operating bed, Electrical auto-elevation of central stand (food control to raise and lower bed)

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