Bbraun Meliseptol Foam Spray 750ml

SKU: 110101
Disinfectant wipes for rapid disinfection
  • For alcohol-sensitive materials - also ultrasonic probes
  • No aerosol build-up when sprayed
  • Perfume-free
  • Short exposure time
  • Dermatological test result: <<very good>>
  • Also suitable for application in food area
  • Listing: the DGHM/VAH list and the IHO-virucide list
  • Applicable as impregnating liquid with the B. BRAUN Wipes


  • Fully soak the areas with Meliseptol
  • Foam pure and rub with a wipe.
  • Keep the surface wet until the exposure time has elapsed. Do not wipe the surface dry. For exposure time, see table. The areas must not be wiped dry.

Product Description

Material Compatibility

To preserve the value of your high tech equipment:

  • Perfusor Space and lnfusomat Space
  • Acrylic glass
  • Ultrasound probes made by Philips/Hitachi/Aloka

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