BD Insyte-W 24G x 3/4

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BD Vialon™, a unique proprietary biomaterial, has been proven to enhance clinical and economic outcomes.
  • Increase the ease of penetration
  • Reduces the risks of infiltration
  • Exhibits greater kink resistance
  • Reduces the risks of phlebitis up to 50%
  • Reduces IV restarts due to reduced complications
  • Increases indwelling time
  • Reduces the total IV therapy costs to use due to longer indwelling time

Stabilizing wings provide a large surface area for taping down the catheter improving catheter securement.

Product Description

Product Features:

  • Product Type: Peripheral Venous Catheter
  • DNR (Latex) free? Yes
  • Sterile? Yes
  • How sterilized: Ethylene Oxide
  • Feature: DEHP free, Does not contain natural rubber latex
  • Storage: Normal conditions
  • Resterilized: No

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