GE X-ray Mobile TMX Plus

SKU: 120083
TMX + Mobile Radiographic Unit
TMX+ the solid and easy to use mobile radiographic room for your department

Compact and Easy to Use
The TMX+ is a mobile powerful radiography system designed to fulfill a wide range of clinical applications in any location of your department. It has been especially designed for totally adapted use in intensive care, emergencies, pediatrics, neonatology and orthopedics rooms.

Light and extremely Easy to Manoeuvre
Because of its ergonomic design, the TMX+ offers optimum visibility during travel. With its battery-free housing and two swiveling front wheels, the TMX+ is extremely easily manoeuvered through the narrowest corridors, small lifts or rooms.

Sophisticated Functions
The large control panel with digital display is clear and easy to read. The control panel is equipped with touch-sensitive buttons that allow an easy and fast adjustment of the examination parameters. The anatomical programmer (APR) has 24 types of anatomical techniques stored. With the half dose function button it is easily possible to reduce the applied dose by 50% for pediatric examinations. A perfect balanced arm combined with a rotating monoblock unit allows easily to position the TMX+ for all exposures, even the most difficult ones, in any environment.

Outstanding Image Quality
The powerful high frequency monoblock unit together with the rotating anode X-Ray tube, ensure short exposure times for a superb image quality at a reduced dose to the patient.