GE X-ray DR Digitizer Brivo XR118 (Wireless)

SKU: 120081
Brivo* XR118 Digitize away some of your toughest X-ray challenges. Digitize away some of your toughest X-ray challenges. Slow image processing. Wasted time and resources. Throughput bottlenecks. Long patient waits. Limited exam capacity. Radiation dose. Whether you use AR or CR, a quick, easy upgrade to GE’s digital Brivo XR118 solution helps you address these issues, with a modern wireless system that gives you the potential to X-ray more patients faster, easier, smarter - and more affordably. Multiply your patient capacity and your imaging speed. Providing fast image preview and delivering images to the PACS quickly, Brivo XR118 can help you cut steps from your process and makes every step faster. You have the potential to see results sooner, grow capacity, reduce bottlenecks, support staff efficiency - and reduce patient waiting time for diagnosis and treatment. Cut X-ray ownership costs. With its universal detector, flexible Auto-Sensing technology, and elimination of analog films, fixers & developers, and imaging plates (IP), Brivo XR118 is a smart, affordable investment that delivers excellent return well into the future. See clear details with less dose. Typically using less dose than CR, Brivo XR118 delivers clear images with fine diagnostic detail. So radiologists can provide faster, more confident diagnoses. And administrators can more easily satisfy patients with enhanced care.