GE X-ray Analog XR6000 VRS

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The Essence of Excellence
XR6000, Silhouette New Generation

In the history of X-ray imaging equipment, GE Healthcare has always been at the forefront of innovation. Today EG Healthcare is moving one step forward by proposing a straightforward conventional radiographic solution to ease patient access to health care. With XR6000, GE Healthcare innovates to provide your clinics, primary care centers and hospitals with reliable, cost-effective, high quality products.

For Faster Exam Time
✓ Intuitive console
✓ Easy positioning
✓ Head-to-toe coverage
✓ 3 clicks only for exposure

Invest in Confidence
✓ Robust & Easy to maintain; Created to last...Avoid downtime!
✓ Easy to install; No extra investment...up and running 1 day
✓ Limit the hassle; No need for room refurbishment
✓ Computed Radiography (CR) Compatibility for Better Image