GE Ventilator Siare 4000C

SKU: 120069
Siaretron 4000C
Siaretron 4000C is an advanced intensive care ventilator, designed to deliver long‑term respiratory support to a wide range of patients from neonates to adults. It is available in two versions – turbine-driven and gas-driven.

Equips clinicians with invasive and non-invasive capabilities
✓ Unique electromagnetic flow sensor to detect very low flows and handle a wide range of patients
✓ Integrated nebulizer that works on both O2 and normal air for enhanced drug delivery
✓ Advanced modes such as PSV-TV and APRV to supports patients with different complexities

Provides greater value through lower operating cost
✓ No preventive maintenance for up to 500 days, resulting in lower Total Cost of Ownership
✓ 20,000 hours of turbine warranty for a long‑lasting product

Facilitates easy maneuverability with clever design and architecture
✓ Sleek design with a small footprint (51.8 x 53.5 x 26.9 cm)
✓ Advanced compressor that fits snugly inside the body of the machine
✓ Conveniently placed handle for better portability within the ICU