GE Ultrasound Vscan Access

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Vsan Acess
Assessing risk. Expanding reach.

Working together, we can help caregivers extend the reach of high-quality care for mothers and newborns around the world

Maternal and newborn health remains one of our most pressing priorities
From the Millennium Development (MDGs) to Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), global progress is being made. Yet many countries still need to reduce pregnancy-related mortality.

To help meet this need, GE made a commitment to the UN and invested our global R&D capabilities to develop essential technologies well suited for-resource settings.

Vsan Access™ is an innovative ultrasound device designed to help primarily health workers assess pregnancy risk early and expand quality care to mothers who need it most.

With Vscan Access, midwives, paramedics, clinical officers, and general practitioners have the means to:
✓ Conduct examinations that may result in the early detection of potentially life-threatening pregnancy complications
✓ Estimate gestational age and delivery rate date to help better plan and manage deliveries compared to manual exam methods
✓ Guide the critical "keep or refer" decisions over the course of antenatal visits
✓ Wirelessly transfer data to patients, referral facilities or remote experts