GE Ultrasound Venue 50

SKU: 120075
Venue 50 Ultrasound
An intuitive user experience in a simple and fast tablet. Now offering Pinpoint™ GT technology for precise needle guidance.

More accurate ultrasound needle guidance.
Nearly three-quarters of ultrasound procedures at the point of care involve needle guidance. We're committed to making them simple, fast and precise for clinicians.
The Venue™ 50 offering Pinpoint™ GT technology helps deliver on that promise by enabling greater control over needle placement with twice the accuracy of conventional ultrasound needle guidance. In a recent study¹, clinicians:

Improved needle placement accuracy by 51%, across all procedure types.
Reduced non-productive needle sticks by 70%.

In addition to the precision of available Pinpoint™ GT technology, the Venue 50 system offers these advantages:
One touch and go. Select the probe and preset in one step.
Tablet-like navigation. Pinch, slide, or tap your way through the procedure, even with your gloves on.
Fast power-up. The system is operational before you even get your gloves on.
Portable and wireless. Battery-powered, the system can be moved from patient to patient without powering down.
Gel & go imaging. Get crisp images without time-consuming tweaking.

¹ Use of Pinpoint™ GT from C.R. Bard technology feature compared to conventional needle guidance.