GE Ultrasound Logiq E Pro

SKU: 120072
Simple. Fast. Precise. Empowering Point of Care.
The LOGIQ™ e Pro Edition Ultrasound System

✓ Designed for Point of Care
✓ Simple
✓ Fast
✓ Precise

Imaging on the go. Compact and battery-operated, the LOGIQ e allows flexibility in moving from patient-to-patient.
Document on the fly. Save images to a memory stick or network devices. And chose between PACS and EMR compatible format.
Tissue differentiation matters. The LOGIQ e Pro Edition imaging engine is separately optimized for each Point of Care application.
See the needle tip. The LOGIQ e Pro Edition uses two different types of ultrasound: One for tissue and one for metal. This helps the needle stand out and allows separate control of the needle appearance.
Image almost the whole body… and almost any body. A wide variety of transducers offer versatility for applications from head to heart to toe, even in obese patients.
See in 3D. Use any transducer1 to show anatomical relationships intuitively with Easy3D.