GE DR X-ray Brivo XR575

SKU: 120080
Flat panel DR, One step to digital
GE digital radiology system Brivo XR575

New generation FP detector
✓ High-end URP platform
✓ Advanced modular design
✓ Low power consumption, high efficiency and stability, high signal-to-noise ratio

Brand new Z-arm platform
✓ Z-arm design improves the efficiency and accuracy of positioning
✓ Three (3) patterns of vertical movement enhance user experience: normal speed, slow speed and power assited
✓ Apparent electronic angle meter
✓ LCD touch screen for multi-parameter setting
✓ Simple user interface
✓ Full clinical application
✓ Transparent table top, convenient for position

GE integrated image chain design
✓ Stable performance
✓ Excellent image quality