Welch Allyn ECG CP150 Machine (without cart)

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CP 150™ Resting Electrocardiograph with Optional Spirometry

The CP 150 combines the best traditional box ECG features (e.g., full-size printouts and clinical decision support with MEANS interpretation) with connectivity enhancements designed especially for today’s primary care practices. Choose DICOM compatibility to help make communication and interoperability seamless. Opt for wireless connectivity to help you leverage the power of the CP 150 anytime, anywhere. Add on the spirometry module to perform two reimbursable tests with just one device. All of these optional features come together in an industry-leading ECG device designed to help you improve workflows and get more from your investments.  
Gross Weight 10.25 KG
Width 56.8 CM
Height 48.4 CM
Depth 32.5 CM

Product Description


∙ ECG print previews can help save time and reduce paper costs

∙ Optional wireless connectivity helps increase device mobility and utilization

∙ Optional DICOM compatibility enhances interoperability

∙ Three-, six-, or full 12-lead ECG preview options

∙ Simplified EMR connectivity without a complicated interface

∙ Seven-inch color, touchscreen display for easy entry of patient data

∙ Optional spirometry lets you perform two tests with one device

∙ Optional adult and pediatric MEANS ECG interpretation software

∙ Battery operation lets you easily transport your device to the patient

∙ Instant-on powers the device up quickly to take an ECG at a moment’s notice

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