BD Insyte Autoguard

Item Code    Item Description
110347    BD Insyte Autoguard 18G x 1-1/2
110348    BD Insyte Autoguard 20G
110349    BD Insyte Autoguard 22G
110350    BD Insyte Autoguard 24G

Product Description

Caring for you and your patients

Provides safety and performance while enhancing the patient experience:
– No need to worry about stopping blood during initial insertion
– Smooth, tapered catheter tip which can help minimize insertion discomfort

Push-button needle shielding along with blood control technology demonstrated:
– A statistically significant 95% reduction in needlesticks
– To reduce the risk of blood exposure by 95%

✓ Constructed with BD Vialon Biomaterial and BD Instaflash Needle Technology (20 to 24 gauge)