Bbraun Askina Derm 10x12cm

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Polyurethane film dressing
Askina® Derm® is a sterile transparent polyurethane film dressing. It is semipermeable and suitable for the protection of newly formed skin. It also prevents the formation of scabs.

✓ Maintains a moist environment
✓ Easy to apply
✓ High MVTR film
✓ Low tack adhesive: non aggresive removal
✓ Impermeable to other liquids and bacteria
✓ Transparency: allows goof visual wound inspection

Protection of non exuding wounds such as stage I pressure ulcers, donor sites, minor abrasions, 1st degree burns, surgical wounds and lacerations.

Product Description


  1. Remove the printed release paper from adhesive side of the dressing.
  2. Place the dressing over the wound site with the tabs on the adhesive side facing toward the wound. Gently apply pressure to the dresing as it attaches to the wound.
  3. Slowly peel away the tabs and gently apply the reminder of the dressing to the surrounding dry skin.
  4. Remove the plastic carrier by peeling the tabs in the direction of the arrows.

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