• Harmonic Ace 36cm W Erg Handle

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    Precise – minimal lateral thermal tissue damage for safer dissection near vital structures.
    Efficient – move through tissue quickly while maintaining hemostasis.
    Versatile – precisely cut, coagulate, grasp, and dissect – without instrument exchanges.
    Reliable – seal vessels up to 5mm as well as lymphatics.
    Ergonomic – enjoy a comfortable grip, with handle and hook trigger for balance and control.
    Diameter – 5mm

  • Harmonic Ace+5mm Open Shear 23cm

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    HARMOMIC ACE®+ Shears – a next generation device in our best-in class portfolio

    HARMONIC® Adaptive Tissue Technology provides superior heat management, enabling greater surgical precision and performance by dynamically optimizing energy delivery in response to changing tissue conditions.
    ✓ 23% reduction in thermal spread
    ✓ 21% shorter transection times
    ✓ Refined blade design features a tapered tip for increased precision and multifunctionality

    HARMONIC ACE®+ Shears can be used for coagulation and transection of vessels up to 5mm and handle multiple surgical jobs with precision including dissection, sealing, transection, and otomy creation. HARMONIC® Technology's unique combination of precision and multifunctionality allows surgeons to focus on the surgical field, not the device – enabling them to perform their best in over 17 million HARMONIC® Procedures worldwide.

    HARMONIC ACE®+ Shears are a sterile, single-patient-use device consisting of an ergonomic handle and 2 hand-controlled energy activation buttons. The handle includes a mechanism, which provides both audible and tactile feedback indicating full closure. HARMONIC® ACE+ Shears are indicated for use in soft tissue incisions when bleeding control and minimla thermal injury are desired.

    Features include:
    ✓ Adaptive Tissue Technology for greater surgical precision and performance by dynamically optimizing energy delivery in response to changing tissue conditions
    ✓ Ergonomic grip for comfort, balance and control
    ✓ 360° shaft rotation
    ✓ Compatible with the Ethicon Generator G11 and hand piece

    Procedure Applications:
    ✓ General     ✓ Bariatic
    ✓ Colorectal    ✓ Thoracic
    ✓ Gynecologic   ✓ Urology

    Product Code: HAR23   Diameter: 5mm   Length: 23cm

  • Harmonic Blue Hand Piece

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    Reusable hand pieces power all HARMONIC® Devices. Piezoelectric transducer within the hand pieces convert electronic energy into ultrasonic vibration.

    The HARMONIC BLUE® Hand Piece is used with our HARMONIC FOCUS® Curved Shears and HARMONIC SYNERGY® Blades only.

  • Harmonic Focus 17cm Shears

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    ✓ With fewer instrument exchanges, you can work more efficiently and maintain focus on the surgical field
    ✓ USe of HARMONIC® Technology in pancreatectomy save approximately 30 minutes as compared to clmap, cut and tie

    ✓ Curved fine tip for fine dissection, cutting, coagulating and grasping
    ✓ Seals vessels up to and including 5mm as well as lymphatics
    ✓ Minimal lateral thermal spread for disscection near vital structures

    ✓ Comfortable, familiar scissors grip feels like a natural extension of your hand
    ✓ Activation with multiple hand positions, thanks to 240° trigger rings

  • Harmonic Scalpel Hand Piece

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    Ethicon HP054 Harmonic Handpiece

    Reusable hand pieces power all enegry into ultrasonic vibration. HP054 is the standard hand piece that is used most Ethicon devices. The HARMONIC BLUE Hand Piece is used with HARMONIC® FOCUS Curved Sheara and HARMONIC SYNERGY® Blades only.