• Enseal G2 Art Curv Sealer 35cm

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    ENSEAL® G2 Curved and Straight Tissue Sealers – Secure sealing and versatility to do more

    ✓ Seals and cuts up to 7mm vessels and lymphatics consistently through high uniform compression
    ✓ Less proximal end bleeding and more consistent seal strength over multiple activations than LigaSure™ 5mm

    ✓ Delivers energy to tissue even with the jaws open, enabling spot coagulation, enhancing dissection, and creating otomies

    ENSEAL® GR Curved and Straight Tissue Sealers are sterile, single-patient-use surgical instruments for coagulating and transecting vessels up to and including 7mm in diameter, as well as lymphatics.

    Features include:
    ✓ Jaw type: Curved or Straight
    ✓ Shaft lengths: 14cm, 25cm, 35cm or 45cm from jaw tip to rotation know
    ✓ Shaft diameter: 5mm
    ✓ Ergonomically designed grip housing assembly
    ✓ 360° degree rotaing shaft
    ✓ Automatic teeth for grasping and holding targeted tissue when clamped
    The ENSEAL® G2 Curved and Straight Tissue Sealers are compatible with the Ethicon Endo-Surgery generator, sold separately.

    Procedure Applications:
    ✓ General     ✓ Bariatic
    ✓ Colorectal    ✓ Urologic
    ✓ Gynecologic   ✓ Thoraic