• Enseal G2 Super Jaw

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    ENSEAL® GR Super Jaw Tissue Sealer – Sealing security and speed control for open procedures

    ✓ Large, curved jaw seals and cuts vessels up to 7mm consistently through high uniform compression
    ✓ More than 2.5 times the compression at the distal tip versus LigaSure Impact™ for a superior seal
    ✓ Shown to have significantly less bleeding than LigaSure Impact™ and LigaSure Atlas

    ✓ ENSEAL® firig sequence enables speed control and sealing security in a wide range of tissue conditions

    ENSEAL® G2 Super Jaw Tissue Sealer is a sterile, single-patient-use surgical instrument for coagulating and transecting vessels up to and including 7mm in diameter, as well as tissue bundles.

    Features include:
    ✓ Jaw length: 40mm
    ✓ Jaw width: 6.7 mm
    ✓ Shaft length: 22cm from jaw tip to rotation knob
    ✓ Shaft diameter: 12mm
    ✓ Power cord: 3.1 m
    ✓ Ergonomically designed grip housing assembly
    ✓ 360° degree rotating shaft
    ✓ Atraumatic teeth for grasping and holding targeted tissue when clamped
    ENSEAL® G2 Super Jaw Tissue Sealer is compatible with the Ethicon Endo-Surgery generator, sold separately.

    Procedure applications:
    ✓ General     ✓ Urologic
    ✓ Colorectal     ✓ Thoraic
    ✓ Gynecologic

  • Enseal Trio 3mm Curve Tip 14cm

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    Reducing thermal spread, increasing efficiency

    The ENSEAl® TRIO Device has a 3mm width curved jaw for easy access and visibility. For bipolar coagulation and mechanical transection of tissue, the ENSEAl® TRIO Device allows you to simultaneously seal and transect vessels up to 7mm (along with large tissue pedicles and vascular bundles) with minimal thermal damage. Simply close the jaws, activate the energy, and cut. No need for stepped sealing and dividing.

    The ENSEAL® TRIO Device is:
    Temperature Controlled – Temperature automatically regulated to approximately 100°C; thermal spread confined to approximately 1mm outside jaws
    High Performing – Seals vessels up to 7mm with seal strength up to 7 times systolic pressure; patented I-BLADE™ Jaw offers strong, uniform compression along the entire seal line
    Adaptable – Control speed of sealing and cutting based on tissue type
    Efficient – One-step actuation for both cutting and sealing

    The ENSEAL®TRIO Tissue Sealing Device is a temperature-controlled tissue-sealing device.
    Features include:
    ✓ 3mm-width curved jaw- easy access and visibility
    ✓ Offset-electrode configuration – minimal thermal tissue damage
    ✓ Patented I-BLADE™ Jaw – uniform compression along the entire seal line
    ✓ 5mm shaft
    ✓ 360° rotation
    ✓ Colour-coded safety lock
    ✓ Compatibility with dedicated ENSEAL Generator
    ✓ Comfortable design -ease of use for both right-handed and left-handed surgeons

    Procedure applications:
    ✓ General Surgery
    ✓ Colorectal Surgery
    ✓ Gynaecology
    ✓ Urology