• Bbraun Meliseptol Foam Spray 750ml

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    Disinfectant wipes for rapid disinfection

    • For alcohol-sensitive materials – also ultrasonic probes
    • No aerosol build-up when sprayed
    • Perfume-free
    • Short exposure time
    • Dermatological test result: <<very good>>
    • Also suitable for application in food area
    • Listing: the DGHM/VAH list and the IHO-virucide list
    • Applicable as impregnating liquid with the B. BRAUN Wipes


    • Fully soak the areas with Meliseptol
    • Foam pure and rub with a wipe.
    • Keep the surface wet until the exposure time has elapsed. Do not wipe the surface dry. For exposure time, see table. The areas must not be wiped dry.