• Cidex GTA Test Strips

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    CIDEX® Test Strips provide a rapid and easy measure of the minimum effective concentration (MEC) to enable an optimal reuse of CIDEX® Activated Glutaraldehyde Solution and CIDEX® OPA Solution.

    The minimum effective concentration (MEC) required for high-level disinfection should be tested with the appropriate CIDEX® Test Strip prior to each usage, to check each CIDEX® Solution efficient destroys microorganisms.

  • Cidex Opa Solution 5L 20490

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    Proven Performance at Every Level

    Cidex® OPA Solution is a convenient, ready-to-use, high-level disinfectant that provides a broad spectrum of kill.
    It is trusted by hospitals all the world over for providing rapid, cost-effective high-level disinfection for a wide range of endoscopes and other healthcare instruments.

    Proven Efficacy
    Glutaraldehyde-free (0.55% ortho-phthalaldehyde) high-level dininfecting solution. Rapid 5-minute soak time at 25°C in an automated endoscope reprocessor. Twelve-minute soak time for 20°C for manual reprocessing.

    Proven safety
    No activating or mixing needed. Minimizes exposure to fumes, odor or irritation.

    Proven value
    Long-lasting efficacy allows reprocessing of more devices per gallon than with Glutaralhyde.

  • Cidex OPA Test Strips 15’S

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    CIDEX® OPA Test Strips


    How to tes: completely submerge indicating pad of the strip into solution. Hold for 1 second and remove. Do not shake strip.
    Remove excess solution by standing the strip upright on a paper towel.
    Read results at 90 seconds. Do not read past 90 seconds. Pad will be completely PURPLE to indicate effective solution. IFANY BLUE remains on the pad apart from the top line, solution is ineffective and must be discarded.

    Discard any unused test strips 90 days after bottle is originally opened.

    *CIDEX® OPA Solution may be used or reused for up to a maximum of 14 days provided the required condition of ortho-phthalaldehyde concentration and temperature exixt based upon monitoring described in the Instructions for Use. Do not rely solely on days in use.

  • Cidex Ster Sol Long Life 2750

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    Instrument Disinfection

    ✓ 2.4% alkaline based glutaraldehyde formula that provides superior microbicidal activity
    ✓ Destroys 100% of resistant mycrobacterium
    ✓ Efficient 45 minutes disinfection
    ✓ Non-corrosive solution reduces instrument damage and associated repair costs

  • Cidezyme Gal 5L 2260

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    Safe and effective for Enhanced Manual Pre-cleaning of Endoscopes

    Make the most of your pre-cleaning stage with CIDEZYME® Enzymatic Detergent Solution. The solution gets into hard-to-reach parts of your equipment for through cleaning.

    ✓ Increased activity on proteins (like blood, faeces and mucous) with protease enzyme
    ✓ Advanced formulation quickly and thoroughly penetrates organic matter
    ✓ Safe, biodegradeable base is easy on you and the environment

    For manual preparation of flexible endoscopes and accessories
    Dispense 8 ml (0.8%) or 16 ml (1.6%) per litre of water as required

    Shelf Life
    2 years

    Storage Information
    Store at controlled room temperature 15°C – 30°C

  • Cidezyme Xtra 1’S

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    Advanced Sterilization Products CIDEZYME XTRA Multi-Enzymatic Detergent 22951

    CIDEZYME XTRA Multi-Enzymatic Detergent is an efficient first step before high-level disinfection. CIDEZYME XTRA Multi-Enzymatic Detergent is uniquely formulated for bioburden. Can be used with EVOTECH® ECR, various AERs or for manual use. Advanced, low-foaming solution is biodegradable and rinse easily. Corrosion Inhibitors-Ensures compatibility with medical devices.

    ✓ Multi-Enzyme Formulation Cellulase, lipase, protease, amylase, and proprietary enzymes with advanced  proteolytic action
    ✓ Low-foaming solution
    ✓ Biodegradable
    ✓ Rinses easily
    ✓ Corrosion inhibitors