• 3M Autoclave Tape 1″ Lead Free 1233-24mm

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    20243 3M AUTOCLAVE TAPE 1” LEAD FREE 1233-24MM
    20244 3M AUTOCLAVE TAPE 1/2” LEAD FREE 1233-12MM
    20267 3M AUTOCLAVE TAPE 3/4” LEAD FREE 1233-18MM

    The Comply™ 1322 lead free indicator tape for steam sterilization consists of an adhesive, backing, and chemical indicator stripes. The adhesive is an aggressive, pressure-sensitive adhesive designed to adhere a variety of wraps, including untreated woven and disposable non-woven, paper and paper/plastic wraps in order to secure the pack during steam sterilization. After sterilization, the tape is designed to remove easily and clearly from untreated woven wraps. The backing is a beige colored crepe paper and provides the stretch needed for pack expansion during sterilization. The chemical indicator lines will show a visual color change from off-white/tan to dark-brown/black when exposed to a steam sterilization process.

    An exposure monitor that securely seals packs, and provides a visual assurance that the package has been exposed to the steam sterilization process.

    • Lead Free Ink means no hazardous waste issues
    • Trusted, high quality adhesive
    • Stretchable backing that minimizes tape “pop-off” during sterilization
    • Can be written on or labeled with pre-printed labels