• MS ECG Mach Philips TC10 D

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    Philips PageWriter TC10

    The Philips PageWriter TC10 cardiograph is portable, affordable, and easy to operate. It supports advanced PageWriter cardiograph features, scalable network connectivity, and the world-class Philips DXL ECG algorithm.

    Quickly download worklists and patient demographics with wireless LAN via standard XML, HL7, and DICOM communications. Easily retrieve ECG orders from your current DICOM MWL provider and store resulting DICOM-format ECGs to your existing PACS.

    The intuitive 1-2-3 touchscreen lets physicians, technicians, nurses, and assistants efficiently acquire, analyze, store, print, and access ECGs. With its compact size and lightweight design, the PageWriter TC10 is a portable workflow solution that supports patient needs in a wide range of care settings.

    ECG Function

    • Simultaneous lead acquisition (up to 12 leads)
    • Can perform up to 6 selected leads rhythm strip
    • 6 independent events can be marked for later review and analysis
    • With five-minute full disclosure of up to 12 leads
    • Up to 12 configured Exam Profiles can be specified
    • Limb lead sensitivity of 5, 10, or 20 mm/mV; Precordial lead sensitivity of 2.5, 5, 10, or 20 mm/mV
    • Sampling rate of 500 samples per second for processed ECG data
  • Welch Allyn ECG CP150 Machine (without cart)

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    CP 150™ Resting Electrocardiograph with Optional Spirometry

    The CP 150 combines the best traditional box ECG features (e.g., full-size printouts and clinical decision support with MEANS interpretation) with connectivity enhancements designed especially for today’s primary care practices. Choose DICOM compatibility to help make communication and interoperability seamless. Opt for wireless connectivity to help you leverage the power of the CP 150 anytime, anywhere. Add on the spirometry module to perform two reimbursable tests with just one device. All of these optional features come together in an industry-leading ECG device designed to help you improve workflows and get more from your investments.  

    Gross Weight 10.25 KG
    Width 56.8 CM
    Height 48.4 CM
    Depth 32.5 CM
  • Welch Allyn ECG-CP100 W.A. W/ Interpretation CP1A-3E2

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    Gross Weight 0.6 KG
    Width 17.9 CM
    Height 25.8 CM
    Depth 7.2 CM
  • Welch Allyn ECG-CP100/200 10Lead + Banana Clip 401129

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    10-Lead Replaceable Lead Set for CP 100/CP 200 (banana, AHA, for use with 400293, 4 limbs lead and precordial).

    Gross Weight 0.25 KG
    Width 19.9 CM
    Height 12 CM
    Depth 5.2 CM
  • Welch Allyn ECG-CP100/200 Connectivity Kit 100638

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    CP 100 and CP 200 Connectivity Kit to the CardioPerfect Workstation

    Gross Weight 0.727 KG
    Width 27.94 CM
    Height 33.02 CM
    Depth 12.7 CM
  • Welch Allyn ECG-CP200 Disposable Transducer 703418

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    Welch Allyn Disposable Flow Transducers for Cardio Perfect Workstation and CP 200 Electrocardiograph

    Gross Weight 0.95 KG
    Width 19.1 CM
    Height 19.9 CM
    Depth 13.6 CM